Matrox Demonstrates its Latest Technology at RSNA 2007 for Radiology and Operating Rooms

Matrox solutions also shown in partner booths throughout show floor

What's happening:

Matrox will demonstrate its latest medical solutions—Matrox Equinox™ and its companion board, Matrox Onyx™ —for the first time at the Radiological Society of North America's annual meeting. Matrox also plans to highlight MED™ and AuroraVX™ Series 10-bit solutions, plus Matrox RAD™ and AuroraVX Series display controller boards, along with upcoming technology. Matrox solutions for medical imaging professionals will also be powering a large number of medical displays and PACS applications in partner booths throughout the show floor.


Sunday, November 25 - Wednesday, November 28: 10 AM - 5 PM
Thursday, November 29: 10 AM - 2 PM


Matrox booth: 2954, Hall A
McCormick Place
2301 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois

Featured Partners:

Merge Healthcare will be featuring Merge Mammo™, a multi-modality, vendor-neutral mammography workstation application. As a work-in-progress, Merge will show Merge Mammo 7.1* which includes leading-edge support for Matrox MED Series 10-bit display controller boards.

Cedara Software will be showcasing several advanced imaging concepts displayed with the Matrox MED Series display controller boards. Examples include Advanced Segmentation for lesion contouring where tumor identification in US, CT, MG and MR is greatly simplified, and Mammography Skinline detection for optimal viewing of mammography images and inverse rendering.

Rogan-Delft B.V. and Guardian Technologies Intl have collaborated to demonstrate detection with visualizations and advanced PACS technologies to enhance your diagnostic workflow. Rogan-Delft will demonstrate its Rogan View Pro-X Diagnostic, Orthopaedic, and Mammography workstations using Matrox MED Series boards. Guardian will demonstrate its Signature Mapping(TM) application—an advanced computer aided detection tool which incorporates advanced visualization and display capabilities to detect and visualize targeted objects or materials. Signature Mapping(TM) may be applied to image data from any radiographic imaging modality including CT, MRI, ultrasound, and digital radiology.

Partner booths:

Advanced Imaging Technologies
2179, Hall A
Medical Standard International
8210, Hall B
Alara, Inc.
3382, Hall A
Merge Healthcare
1122, Hall A
AlphaView LCD
6759, Hall B
NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.
2976, Hall A
Aspyra, Inc.
3307, Hall A
QUBYX 2954 Hall A &
3311, Hall A
Canon Medical Systems
3311, Hall A
Quest International, Inc.
6948, Hall B
Carestream Health, Inc.
2513, Hall A
RADinfo Systems
4171, Hall A
Cedara Software
1316, Hall A
Rogan-Delft BV
6908, Hall B
1972, Hall A
S&S X-Ray / S&S RADX
3211, Hall A
Eizo Nanao Technologies, Inc.
8534, Hall B
Sectra Imtec AB
6513, Hall A
FIMI Philips
3773, Hall A
Swissray International
7162, Hall B
6908, Hall B
1803, Hall A
iCRco, Inc.
4754, Hall A
U.S. Electronics, Inc.
3165, Hall A
3311 Hall A
XR Medical (XRM)
6901, Hall B
Medlink Imaging, Inc.
4906, Hall A
…and more!

About Matrox Medical Imaging Solutions

Matrox display controller boards for medical imaging—including the 10-bit Matrox MED and AuroraVX Series, along with RAD Series—offer a wide range of display output options, display resolution capabilities, and features to suit the demanding needs of medical imaging professionals. Matrox TheatreVUE™ Series will clone any region of a medical imaging display and have projected full-screen via a projector or other large screen display device. Matrox Equinox graphics extension unit brings high resolution dual displays into the OR at a distance from the PC, and connects OR staff with control rooms, planning rooms and hospital education facilities together with Matrox Onyx display controller board. Matrox OEM technology is also used in medical imaging solutions such as angiography, C-Arm and mobile X-Ray, cardiology, patient monitoring and ultrasound.

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact

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