Matrox TripleHead2Go Surround Gaming™ Utility

To help customize games to properly function in Surround Gaming mode, Matrox bundles a Surround Gaming Utility (SGU) with the TripleHead2Go. The Surround Gaming Utility is a simple software application which automatically updates game configuration files to have proper settings enabled for TripleHead resolutions. The user simply selects the game, selects the desired Surround Gaming Resolution and pushes an 'Optimize' button within the SGU. The SGU also supports user-defined updates of Surround Gaming 'recipes' for games not on the initial Matrox list. In this way, Matrox is enabling the user community to add support for additional games directly and contribute these back to the community.

A version of the SGU is already on the software CD that comes with the TripleHead2Go unit. Matrox is adding support for more and more gaming titles over time and as new titles become available, Matrox will make SGU updates available on the website. The following file contains the latest SGU version, which currently includes over 150 'pre-configured' game titles.

Download the latest Matrox Surround Gaming Utility now.

Please note that the widescreen modes will only be available when the TripleHead2Go Mode Expander Tool is installed.