Fin de vida (EOL por sus siglas en ingles) efectiva en julio 2012
Matrox VPX-OUT8 / VPX-OUT4 Controller es un producto EOL y ya no es producido o vendido por Matrox. Consulte a sus revendedores y distribuidores locales para el inventario disponible. Los usuarios actuales pueden ahora beneficiarse con la tarjeta alterna más competitiva Matrox Mura MPX Series.

Matrox VPX-OUT8 / VPX-OUT4

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Multi-Channel Video Wall Output Controller

Support up to 8 output channels per single-slot board and up to 2 boards for a maximum of 16 outputs channels per system. Optional capture cards for RGB and NTSC/PAL/SECAM can add acquisition and real-time streaming capabilities.

  • Up to 8 output channels on a single PCI-X slot
  • Multiple card support for a single Windows® desktop spanning up to 16 outputs
  • Standard Windows® desktop means that standard application can run on the display wall.
  • Hardware acceleration of DirectShow and DirectDraw
  • Over the top, dedicated bus allows streaming with no requirements on system resources
  • Up to 22 Mega pixels of desktop- no pixilated up-scaled source as a background image

1 Support can differ amongst OEM versions

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