Full throttle at 0km/hr

Matrox TripleHead2Go provides the most immersive and realistic racing simulation around with unequalled responsiveness and performance across three monitors

"To try the TripleHead2Go setup is to love it", says Thierry Pennet, CEO of MobSim. "It gives the game the feel of real professional driving and the sensation of speed is truly astounding." .

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The Company

Founded in 2006 in Northwestern France, MobSim constructs and demonstrates racing car simulators. Motor sport aficionados and professional drivers alike enjoy testing their skills on the high-end simulators MobSim sets up at race tracks across Europe and at simulation tradeshows and events. The company also builds custom simulators on demand.

The Challenge

With their business relying heavily on providing up-to-date technology for the best experience possible, MobSim wanted to replace the 26-inch display they were using in the simulator with a triple screen solution—something they felt would be more representative of a real in-car view.


The Solution

An online search led them to the TripleHead2Go. Already well aware of Matrox's reputation for quality graphics solutions, they found the TripleHead2Go superior to all other multi-display options. There were no compatibility issues, it was a compact solution that was USB powered, and installation was a cinch. Most impressive to them was the fact that there was absolutely no loss on the FPS rates, an especially important aspect of high end gaming and sim.

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The Result

At the renowned 24 du Mans, several professional drivers commented on how real the simulation was, and people were amazed to find that the graphics weren't stretched or distorted when using three screens. The TripleHead2Go setup allows a larger view of the game, providing more immersion and a better sensation of speed. This effect on visitors has led to unexpected (but welcome) additional business for MobSim.

Many of their customers actually tried race simulation for the first time on a MobSim simulator set-up at such an event, and though typically not regular computer gamers, were so thrilled with the experience that they decided to purchase a whole simulator. MobSim is now carving a whole new market for itself, and has already expanded its customer base into Switzerland, Algeria, and Belgium.

MobSim is also working with Develter, a recognized road accident prevention and training company in France and Benelux, to produce a road simulation setup using the TripleHead2Go. Not only does TripleHead2Go allow people to enjoy the sensation of speed in a safe environment-some believe it could actually help make real roads safer!

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