Matrox partners with CompuMaster-Praim for thin-computing multi-display solutions

Matrox Epica brings multi-display hardware and software to thin-computing environments with CompuMaster-Praim thin clients

Matrox, Canada, February 12, 2007—Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professionals, announces the integration of Matrox Epica multi-display hardware and software suite in the Thin Client XP Embedded line of products developed by CompuMaster-Praim, an Italian company internationally renowned for the development of products and solutions for thin-computing environments. With this integration, CompuMaster-Praim thin-client users have the possibility to connect to an individual thin client which will support up to four monitors simultaneously. Multi-display thin computing is ideal for a variety of applications where viewing large amounts of information in a limited amount of space is required such as financial, energy, commodities, and insurance trading, or dispatch, security, and process control environments.

"The integration of Matrox Epica allows users of CompuMaster-Praim thin-client devices to create a powerful multi-monitor workstation with the same functionality of a PC in Server Based Computing architecture, while at the same time, offering elevated reliability typical of embedded solutions," says Stefano Bonmassar, Product Manager, CompuMaster-Praim. "The ability to control access to data and applications, safety, reliability and low power consumption, are the key elements of this product. Already released for the line of XP Embedded terminals, the support for Linux terminals will also be available soon."

Matrox Epica hardware includes dual (Epica TC2 and Epica TC2-Lite) and quad (Epica TC4) multi-display graphics cards, which feature low power consumption, passive cooling, support for high-resolution digital or analogue displays and support for Pivot mode (TC2 and TC4). The Epica software suite, installed on the server side, includes Matrox PowerDesk Epica and Matrox PowerSpace Epica, which respectively enable desktop management and the layering of virtual workspaces within remote desktops. Both software packages are compatible with Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA for Windows.

The Compumaster-Praim XP series comprises three models: XP6700-TC2Lite and XP6700-TC2 dual-display solutions, which integrate Matrox Epica TC2-Lite and Matrox Epica TC2 respectively, and XP6700-TC4 quad-display solution, which integrates Matrox Epica TC4. All XP6700 models are based on the powerful VIA 1GHz processor, with an XP Embedded operating system, Flash 512MB / 1 GB and 256MB DDR memory, expandable to 512MB. All models can be remotely administered via CompuMaster's Remote Administrator software.

"Matrox Epica brings real value to the thin-computing market space by offering more desktop real-estate thereby increasing productivity," says Mohamed Jivraj, Product Manager, Matrox Graphics. "By combining Epica hardware and software with the technology incorporated in the CompuMaster-Praim thin-client XP series, users can enjoy a fully-integrated, multi-display thin-client solution that gives the look and feel of working on a local multi-display desktop."


For more information on CompuMaster-Praim XP Embedded Thin Clients, visit or or call +390461420517.

For more information on Matrox Epica multi-display hardware and software suite for thin computing, visit the Matrox Epica series page.

About CompuMaster-Praim

CompuMaster S. r. l. has been present in the international market for over 15 years. Founded and developed in the American market, it has consolidated its actual presence by focusing mainly on the activity of software development. In 1998, CompuMaster broadened its presence in the market, by opening a new head office in Trento, Italy. Under the leadership of Frank Broccardo, founder and President of PRAIM S.p.a until 1996, CompuMaster has developed an ample catalogue of software and hardware products for IBM systems. Advanced printing and IBM mainframe solutions (developed on Windows CE, Windows 32 and Linux platforms), together with extensive experience in the development of embedded products, have allowed CompuMaster continuous growth in the market, until the recent acquisition of the Praim brand was announced in October 2006. Today, the objective of CompuMaster continues to be the search and development of new solutions for the Information Technology market, with a very attentive eye to the requirements of our users. For more information, visit Italian users, please visit

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact

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