Matrox introduces world's first single-card solution for digital stereoscopic monitors

Montreal, Canada, January 10, 2006—Matrox Graphics Inc. introduces Parhelia Precision SDT, the world's first single-card solution for digital stereoscopic (stereo-3D) monitors like the Planar SD1710. Such displays have 2 polarized LCD flat panels mounted one over the other and a special glass mounted between them.* A realistic 3D view can be seen when looking at the glass though correspondingly polarized glasses.

Other graphics cards for such displays require a separate add-in card to mirror the image for the top panel. Eliminating the need for this extra card reduces costs and improves reliability.

"The SD1710 display is used with demanding applications that require robust hardware like the Parhelia Precision SDT graphics card," says Scott Robinson, research scientist at Planar. "With its integrated support for Planar StereoMirror technology, this Matrox card makes for an attractive bundle with our digital stereo monitors."

"This graphics card brings the quality, performance, and reliability of the proven Parhelia architecture to digital stereoscopic displays," says Samuel Recine, Product Manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. "This solution is ideal for mission-critical 3D applications like viewing stereoscopicsatellite imagery. The LCD-based panels and passive polarized glasses also make the display more reliable and more appropriate for long view times."

This product includes hardware-based OpenGL® (2D/3D) acceleration with quad-buffered stereoscopic support. For the multi-display support required with many stereoscopic workstations, Parhelia Precision SDT has been certified to work together with other Parhelia-series graphics cards. For more information on this and other Matrox products, click here.

Pricing and availability

Matrox Parhelia Precision SDT is available now at a list price of $799 (USD). For more information, call Matrox Sales at 1-800-361-1408 (North America) or e-mail

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact

* Corrected 2006.01.12: Original text incorrectly stated that the glass between the panels was polarized instead of the panels themselves.

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