Matrox QuadHead2Go Series

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Date Released
PowerWall Software
Firmware package & update utility
Release Notes

PowerWall not forget to also download and install the new firmware: Firmware Package Version

Windows 10 64-bit

Firmware Package Version not forget to also download and install the new software: PowerWall

Please follow the firmware update instruction in the Users' guide which is located here.

What to expect from your hardware - please see QuadHead2Go Release notes.

What to expect from your software - please see PowerWall Release notes.

Matrox does not support the mix and match of QuadHead2Go units of the same series with different firmware versions. All QuadHead2Go devices on a QuadHead2Go network must use the same version of the firmware package. Your firmware package version must also match the package version of your PowerWall software.

Contact Matrox Technical Support for more details.