Firmware update to enable Bezel Displacement on a QID

1-   Determine the type of QID you have

2-   Download the correct firmware update for your card and the update tool

-  Matrox_QID_0B0C1103.RPD
-  Matrox_QID_LP_PCI_170C1106.RPD
-  Matrox_QID_LP_PCIe_180C1107.RPD
-  Matrox_QID_Pro_150F1003.RPD
-  Matrox Firmware Updater tool

3-   Updating your Firmware

  1. Start Matrox Firmware Updater.
  2. Under Matrox product, select the model of your Matrox device that need to be updated. (There may only be one product listed in the drop-down menu if there is only one Matrox device in the system).
  3. In the Product information section under Firmware [click below to update], click on the yellow highlighted Version xxx. This will open an Open File dialog box.
  4. From the Open File dialog box, navigate to the location where you stored the .RPD files that you downloaded from section 2 above.
  5. Select the appropriate file that corresponds to the hardware identified in the utility drop-down interface.
  6. Click OK.

    WARNING: Don't restart or turn off your system while the software utility is updating your Firmware . This could damage your Matrox product.

  7. After the update, completely turn off your computer for the changes to take effect. (Restart or Reset is not sufficient, Shutdown must be used for all changes to take effect).
Firmware update to enable Bezel Displacement on a QID