Specialized Graphics Solutions

Recognized as the undisputed leader in multi-display technology, image quality, support and reliability, Matrox leverages 30 years of industry experience in creating high-quality and innovative solutions. With a diverse product line including add-in boards, Graphics eXpansion Modules, Remote Graphics Units and frame grabbers, Matrox has derived specialty solutions directed at non-traditional and mission critical environments.

The Specialty Graphics team takes advantage of the technology from COTS products to create high-value, market specific board-level products. With dedicated engineering services, high standards of quality assurance, dedicated engineering support as well as customization options, Matrox is the ideal partner for turnkey system vendors, integrators and OEMs.

Areas in which we specialize:

air traffic embedded linux

For more information or to review your project requirements, please contact the Specialized Applications Engineering group.


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