Entertain Customers with Digital Signage While They Wait

Multi-display graphics solutions display informative messaging, increase sales and customer satisfaction

Waiting in long lines has traditionally been thought of as a waste of valuable time and money. Display dynamic and informative messaging to increase sales and customer satisfaction on video monitors, plasma displays, and LCD screens with Matrox digital signage solutions.

  • Create dynamic restaurant menus, daily specials and promotions, multi-screen video trivia, and advertising.
  • Present cost-effective multiple output digital information at amusement parks, cinemas and theatres; hotel lobbies, bars, and nightclubs that is not only entertaining, but is vivid and crystal clear.
  • Explore new profit opportunities with ads, cross promotions, and sponsorships—while keeping guests and patrons amused and informed.

Cinema digital signage on multiple displays powered by one computerRun compelling dynamic content across multiple displays in many different ways by choosing between Matrox video cards, 
external multi-display adapters, video wall controller boards, and AV-over-IP devices

Manage your display setups with Matrox PowerDesk

Easily copy information displayed on one screen to two, three, four, or more monitors—and save money—you only need to buy one system for the entire installation, instead of one system per display.

A single desktop can also be stretched across multiple displays, or pivoted 90 or 270 degrees, letting you customize the configuration of the display screens.


TJ Sport

“The client was blown away with the scaling performance of the Mura MPX-based video wall controller.”

Eric Rauch, principal & designer, Hitplay

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Auckland Museum

“There’s no better way for visitors to begin a museum tour than to be wowed by our video wall immediately upon entry.”

Margi Mellsop, head of technical support, Marketing Manager, Auckland Museum

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