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As the Information Age gives way to the Age of Collaboration, Matrox Graphics technology helps you connect the dots in your AV distribution and display ecosystem. Reliable, high-quality encoders and decoders enable AV-over-IP streaming, recording, and matrix switching. High-bandwidth KVM extenders provide real-time remote control over centralized computing resources. PC-based video wall processors facilitate collaboration using Matrox components for universal source capture, exceptional scaling, and intuitive control over multi-display layouts. With decades of experience contributing to reliable, high-quality AV and IT product design, Matrox has the tools to help you build up and work successfully within merged data and AV-over-IP environments.

We invite you to explore our latest products:

Maevex 6100 4K encoder and decoder appliances and cards drive industry-leading 4K/UHD and Full HD multi-channel capture, encode, stream, record and decode AV-over-IP. Content can be streamed live over the LAN, over the internet to remote locations and to different cloud services for worldwide broadcast, and recorded to the network and/or local USB for future reference and review. The included PowerStream Plus software and available APIs makes it easy to manage both the Maevex 6100 Series and the Maevex 5100 Series units and control any application.

Maevex 6020 This certified Panopto media capture appliance offers dual Full HD channels of recording and live video. The Maevex 6020 eliminates the need for cloud transcoding and increases the quality of recordings by doing all the recording quality versions on-device. The Maevex 6020 Remote Recorder is fully integrated with the Panopto video management system by an easy 1–2–3 connectivity utility and has additional push button on-device controls providing both simple and versatile control.

Maevex 5100 H.264 encoders & decoders distribute low-bandwidth, exceptional-quality Full HD video & audio over the LAN to different-sized displays and video walls. The 5100 Series and 6100 Series Maevex Series products work seamlessly together under the included PowerStream Plus application and with the available APIs.

Avio KVM extenders facilitate the centralization of workstations and efficient IT maintenance via 10Gbps, zero-compression, zero-latency fiber-optic transmission. Avio-extended 4K and dual-HD desktops enable employees and control-room operators to complete their work more easily without any system background noise and heat emissions, over 6 miles from their workstations.

Extio 3 IP KVM extenders feature class-leading support for 4Kp60 4:4:4 UHD or four 1080p60 4:4:4 signals—along with keyboard, mouse, stereo audio, and USB 2.0. These KVM extenders deliver exceptional remote performance over a standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet network at unprecedentedly low bitrates.

C-Series, D-series & M-Series multi-display graphics cards drive multiple monitors for use on single systems that can act as sources and endpoints alike. They also enable Edge Overlap for use with multiple edge-blending projectors to create one seamless image on a single screen.

QuadHead2Go™ Series multi-monitor controller appliances and cards power any video wall configuration of any size from any video source with complete scalability and flexibility. Drive a single video source across quad, triple, or dual displays, in classic or a variety of other artistic configurations. Each QuadHead2Go appliance or card can drive up to four pristine quality Full HD displays from a single 4Kp60 video at Full RGB 8:8:8 and YUV 4:4:4 color support.

Mura IPX capture, encode, decode, and display cards provide unprecedented, high-density Full HD and 4K streaming and recording support over standard IP. With advanced video processing and networking capabilities, Mura IPX cards are designed to gather and distribute video from multiple IP sources and direct inputs for aggregation and delivery of content onto video walls, multiviewers, and operator workstations.

Mura MPX capture and display cards feature universal inputs and high-quality outputs. Designed to power video walls for a variety of applications from control rooms to digital signage, Mura helps you build small to large-scale canvases that can show both local and networked sources—including DVI sources, video files, AV-over-IP content, and live camera feeds—at once.

Matrox SDKs and APIs are available to select companies integrating and/or developing custom control software for Matrox products. Manufacturers designing new, successful products are invited to inquire about our broad portfolio of graphics, imaging, and video IP in cores, chips, and hardware designs.

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