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Matrox Maevex PowerStream Plus Software and APIs

Complete reach and control

Maevex PowerStream Plus is the most advanced AV-over-IP software management tool on the market, a game-changer in terms of software and system capabilities. This powerful software application provides complete reach and control over the entire Maevex network topology through an easy-to-use interface.

Boasting compatibility with the complete Maevex family of products—Maevex 6100 Series, as well as Maevex 5100 Series—PowerStream Plus delivers remote control over all network-connected units from one central location. Operators gain flexibility over all network connections—zoom out for a macro-level overview of the entire Maevex infrastructure, and drill in on particular units or groups to fine-tune parameters for each stream within a given device.

PowerStream Plus offers three levels of implementation to best suit any need:

Easy deployment icon

Rapid customization icon

White-label icon

White-label re-branding solutions

Matrox’s simple white-label option lets OEMs and integrators customize the graphic appearance of the PowerStream Plus user interface for brand consolidation. The white-label toolkit allows for easy re-branding of Matrox software with enterprise naming, logos, colors, and identity for complete corporate integration.

Download PDF Maevex PowerStream Plus datasheet      Download PDF Maevex PowerStream Plus user guide
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