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Matrox Maevex 6100 Quad 4K Enterprise Encoder Card

Experience flexible multi 4K streaming & recording

Award-winning Maevex 6100 quad 4K enterprise encoder card

The Matrox® Maevex 6100 quad 4K encoder PCI Express® card is the world’s first card to deliver quad 4K input capture and encode, supporting at least four concurrent 4K streams and recordings—simultaneously.

Coupled with Maevex PowerStream Plus software, the Maevex 6100 quad 4K enterprise encoder card delivers reliable industry-leading technology for flexible management of local or remote data, ensuring complete reach and control over the entire network.

Many Markets. Endless Possibilities.

Maevex AV-over-IP products are a perfect fit for many applications. Have a specific idea in mind? Contact our sales team and work together to build a solution.

Digital signage installation in subway station Doctors in operating room with monitor in background Military airplane in flight

Digital Signage



Empty government chamber Boardroom with large table, video screens on far wall Crowd facing stained glass windows in house of worship


Corporate Communications

House of Worship

Scientists at workstations in lab Lecture auditorium of students, teacher at podium Industrial smokestacks with steam emerging

Science & Technology


Industrial, Automation & Production

Security camera facing parking lot of trucks Group of people around table looking at screen Many picture-in-picture screens


Video on Demand

OTT Services


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