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4K and Full HD enterprise encoders & decoders

Matrox Maevex Series are the world’s first enterprise encoders and decoders to simultaneously capture, stream, and/or record multiple Full HD and/or 4K channels of video and audio over a standard Gigabit Ethernet connections network at low, user-defined bitrates. Featuring ground-breaking encoding capabilities, the award-winning Maevex cards and appliances can easily feed cloud-based servers to reach internet viewers, push many streams on-premises over the LAN for local audiences, and record to local or network storage for later editing and viewing—all concurrently.

The Maevex PowerStream Plus software management tool is also included, offering easy remote set-up and management at no extra cost. The PowerStream Plus API—with access to the complete feature set—and the REST API are available upon request for integrators and developers looking to create unique control application or to include Maevex functionality into existing ones. The Matrox Maevex family of products future-proofs installations and offers options to suit any need.

Discover Maevex’s best-of-class capture, real-time encoding, streaming, recording, decoding, and fully-programmable command-and-control today. Experience flexible multi-4K streaming and recording today.

Product line

Maevex 6150 quad 4K encoder appliance boasts simultaneous quad 4K capture, stream, and record—with zero latency pass-through and multiple protocol support including SRT.

Maevex 6120 dual 4K encoder appliance features simultaneous dual 4K capture, stream, and record—with zero latency pass-through and multiple protocol support including SRT.

Maevex 6152 quad 4K decoder appliance efficiently decodes up to four 4Kp60 streams or many lower resolution streams—with low latency and HDCP support.

Maevex 6020 Remote Recorder is a dedicated Panopto media capture appliance that offers dual Full HD channels of live video, up to five recordings of different qualities per channel, scheduling of recordings to the Panopto cloud for video on demand (VOD), and more.

Maevex 6100 quad 4K encoder card delivers simultaneous quad 4K capture, stream, and record—with 68 4K encoding capabilities from a single PC-based system, as well as multiple protocol support including SRT.

Maevex 5100 encoder and decoder appliances stream or record excellent-quality, 1080p60 video over a standard IP network at user-defined low bitrates for minimal network bandwidth consumption.

Customer success stories

Siemens Rail Automation Harnesses Matrox’s Technology Ecosystem to Deliver Unique IP-Based Signaling Simulator

Leading European rail network live streams and records simulation over standard 1 Gigabit network for enhanced training

NHL's Montreal Canadiens Score Big Streaming with Matrox Maevex

Maevex H.264 encoders & decoders stream both high-quality, synchronized advertising content throughout Bell Centre arena and timely in-game replays to coaches to challenge calls

Photo Credit: Club de hockey Canadien, Inc.

Metro System Uses Network-Based Signage to Attract Attention of 80 Million Riders

Clear Channel advertising agency streams high-quality digital signage at low bitrates to subway stations with Matrox Maevex H.264 encoders & decoders

Industry testimonials

“We feel very strongly that the solutions Matrox produces cannot be compared to home office or consumer products and meet a high grade of industrial standard. Matrox products are built to last; it was a no-brainer for us to select Matrox. It’s a fantastic solution that we foresee using again in the future.”

— Jonas Michael, Clear Channel Norway

“The use of live content within signage is a growing trend. Validation of Matrox Maevex gives our customers an affordable way to add high-quality video, yet at low bitrates, and we are excited to see the variety of innovative projects that will result.”

— Peter Cherna, Scala