Control Rooms, Corporate Enterprises, Education, Worship, Large Venue, Entertainment, Security/Surveillance

Control Rooms / Operation Centers

Mura MPX Series boards are the ultimate building blocks for display wall controllers for process control, surveillance, network operation centers, and other control room environments.

Presentation / Digital Signage

Mura MPX Series offers the competitive edge and scalability required for presentation systems in corporate boardrooms and conference rooms and digital signage installations in small and large venues. Combined with an off-the-shelf application or integration of the remote control interface using the network API, Mura MPX Series helps get your message out more effectively.

Matrix Switcher / Video Scaler / Video Converter

Mura MPX Series’ unique multi-functional board design facilitates matrix switching, signal conversion, video scaling and de-interlacing in a single board, eliminating the need to purchase separate solutions.