Matrox Remote PowerDesk

Matrox Remote PowerDesk1 software works with Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA to enable the best user experience with multi-monitor hosted desktops.

With Remote PowerDesk
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Application windows and dialog boxes appear wholly visible on a single monitor within a quad display RDP/ICA session

Without Remote PowerDesk
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Two low resolution monitors with no application control

Easily manage your multi-display desktop

Easy-to-use software provides comprehensive multiple monitor controls for configuring and managing program windows.

  • Control application window maximization and dialog box positioning
  • Stretch the desktop across all many monitors
  • Set each display independent of other monitors
  • Pivot a display to view it in portrait mode

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1 Matrox Remote PowerDesk and Matrox Remote PowerSpace software suites are not compatible with all Matrox graphics hardware. Some features are only included with certain versions of PowerDesk and with certain Matrox products. See individual product or driver descriptions for more details on compatibility with Matrox software utilities.

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