Matrox Veos Repeater Unit

End of life (EOL) April 2012
The Matrox Veos is an EOL product and is no longer being manufactured or sold by Matrox. Consult your local resellers and distributors for available inventory. Customers looking for alternative solutions should contact Matrox, or review other Matrox extension solutions: Avio Series, Extio Series, and Maevex Series.

Matrox Veos Repeater Front view Back view

More content. Greater distance. Guaranteed.

The Repeater unit accepts the multi-channel digital signal that had been provided by the Master unit, a Display unit or another Repeater unit, through a single RG6 or RG11 coaxial cable, and re-transmits this signal in two different directions. Each component can be over 100 meters (330 feet) apart from one another, ensuring great distance without compromising image quality.

  • Extends & repeats Veos signal another 100 meters on each of two outputs
  • Power over Ethernet power supply (included)
  • Daisy chain power for up to 10 Repeaters from one power supply
  • Drive up to three channels to play multiple messages concurrently from a single computer-using just one cable
  • Digital extension ensures zero image quality loss and guarantees your distance
  • Digital extension lets you see picture perfect at any distance-guaranteed
  • Daisy-chain an unlimited number of Veos components-at over 100m intervals-to drive digital signage across an installation without compromising quality
  • Display your content at high resolution - up to 1080p or 1920x1200
  • Wide and stable resolution support (16:9 / 16:10 / 4:3) at any distance
  • Landscape and pivot display orientation support for increased flexibility*
  • LED indicator installation feature allows you to verify the signal being received and generated at each component without your PC having to be on or even attached
  • Manage displays at a distance using RS-232 simplex
  • Fanless design with no moving parts ensures long product life
  • Hot swappable device-remove and replace the unit without shutting down or rebooting the PC

* All monitors must be in either landscape or pivot mode - not a combination of both modes.

Veos demo