End of life (EOL) effective October 2010

The Matrox QID is an EOL product and is no longer being manufactured or sold by Matrox. Consult your local resellers and distributors for available inventory. Customers who have deployed the QID can now benefit from nearest product alternatives such as the P690 Plus LP PCI, M9140 LP PCIe x16, and M9148 LP PCIe x16.

Matrox QID

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The Matrox QID is a multi monitor AGP8x graphics card that supports up to four digital or analog monitors at a time. Install another Matrox quad monitor graphics card to your system and drive up to eight monitors simultaneously–enabling you to see more and do more.

  • Support for up to four* digital or analog monitors at a time (in "independent" or "stretched" mode)
  • Joined graphics card mode enables an additional Matrox Quad graphics solution** to work in tandem in one system to drive up to eight displays†
  • AGP 8x card compatible with all compliant AGP 4x and 8x systems
  • 128 MB graphics memory
  • Matrox UltraSharp Display Output Technology
  • 1600 x 1200 maximum resolution per display*
  • Unified Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista XDDM display driver for Matrox QID series graphics cards
  • Easy-to-use Matrox PowerDesk driver interface
  • Matrox Clone to view a copy of one display on the other displays
  • Display pivoting (rotation)
  • Support for displays with special aspect ratios
  • Support for customizable unattended installation for rapid multi-system setup
  • Global sales and technical support
  • 3-year warranty

* For stretched and independent mode support for quad-display products, click here.
** With Joined graphics card mode, a quad-display graphics card can only be joined with another quad-display graphics card to drive a maximum of eight displays.
† Joined graphics card mode multi-display configurations can be obtained by downloading the Matrox PowerDesk-SE version 2.04 display driver and above.

Hardware included

  • Matrox QID graphics card
  • 2 LFH60-to-DVI dual-monitor adapter cables (1-foot)
  • 4 DVI-to-HD15 connector adapters

Software included

  • Matrox display driver for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP†
  • Matrox PowerDesk (driver interface and utilities)

† Drivers for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP X64 (64-bit) and Windows Vista XDDM available online. For other possible operating systems, contact Matrox.

Optional upgrades

  • Dual-TV-output adapter cable (composite video and S-video, 1-foot)
  • LFH60-to-DVI dual-monitor cable (6-foot)

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