Matrox RAD LPX Series

End of Life (EOL) effective January 2015
Matrox RAD LPX Series display controller boards are EOL products and no longer being manufactured or sold by Matrox. Customers looking for alternative solutions should contact Matrox.

Matrox RAD LPX Series

Review, Assess, & Diagnose
with Low Power, Low Profile, eXtended Functionality

Matrox RAD LPX display controller boards feature dual output support for grayscale or color, analog or digital displays providing pristine image quality and flexible visualization solutions for medical imaging professionals. Designed for diagnostic and review stations specifically to address low power and low profile environments where space and energy conservation is demanded, Matrox RAD LPX Series boards are available in both PCI and PCI Express versions.

  • Single Matrox RAD LPX PCI or Matrox RAD LPX PCIe board powers any mix of up to two 3 MP digital or 2 MP analog displays
  • Low Power and Low Profile boards fit in ATX workstation or small form factor PCs
  • Fan-less, energy conserving, single PCB, single slot solution
  • 256MB of onboard high speed memory for image cache and image acceleration
  • New Boot-Free PowerDesk UI to instantly change desktop mode settings
  • Legacy 8-bit grayscale support
  • ExtendiGray© technology accurately converts color displays into grayscale, reducing color distraction during readings, and allows for concurrent execution of color and grayscale applications on a single grayscale desktop
  • Hardware Pivot provides smooth and accelerated image display
  • Capable of driving stretched or independent display modes
  • Bus performance optimized for fast window & level and cineloop applications
  • Hardware Cursor eliminates cursor flicker during cineloop
  • No tearing and flicker-free, optimized cineloop playback

N.B.: Support can differ amongst OEM versions.