Bus Interface PCI Express (PCIe x16)
Dimensions Short length, full height, PCIe x16
Frame Buffer Memory 256 MB of high-speed memory for fast image caching and loading
Display Support Dual DVI-I connectors supporting configurations for dual digital, dual analog, or one digital and one analog display.

Dual outputs provide independent resolutions for up to two 4 MP digital and up to 2 MP analog displays, in grayscale or color.
Digital Communications DDC-CI (support available for custom EDIDs)
Display Calibration As supplied by each display vendor, or with purchase of third-party hardware/software solutions
Display Configurations Color/Color, Color/Grayscale, Grayscale/Color, Grayscale/Grayscale
Display Compatibility

Digital: Up to 4 MP 2560x1600 (landscape) and up to 1600x2560 (portrait) resolutions

Analog: Up to 2.1 MP 1920x1200 (landscape) and up to 1200x1920 (portrait) resolutions

Onyx is 100% VGA compatible and supports all VESA standards: VBE2.0 (Super VGA modes), DPMS (energy saving), and DDC-2B (Plug and Play monitor)

Display Resolution

Each digital output up to 4 MP 2560x1600 (landscape) and up to 1600x2560 (portrait) resolutions

Each analog output up to 2.1 MP 1920x1200 (landscape) and up to 1200x1920 (portrait) resolutions

Display Settings

Mixed mode ExtendiGray or color output

ExtendiGray© capability for accurate conversion of color data to grayscale without artifacts on 8-bit displays

Dual Programmable LUTs Import a non-linear gamma ramp from a calibration device and independently program either display's Look Up Table (LUT) outputs
OS Support Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, and Windows 71
VGA Support Built-in controller displays boot messages on either a fixed frequency or multi-sync monitor
Software Support Supports OpenGL® 1.3 and/or DirectDraw/DirectX compatible applications
Industry Compliance Each output is DICOM Part 14 GSDF compliant using 3rd Party calibration solutions
EMC Certifications FCC Class A
Environmental - Temperature Operating temperature from 0 to 55 degrees Celsius
Environmental - Atmospheric Operating pressure from about 650 to 1013 hPa
Environmental - Humidity Operating humidity from 20% to 80%, non-condensing

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