Matrox Onyx Series

End of life (EOL) April 2012
The Matrox Onyx is an EOL product and is no longer being manufactured or sold by Matrox. Consult your local resellers and distributors for available inventory. Customers who have deployed the Matrox Onyx can now benefit from product alternatives available with the Matrox M9125 PCIe x16.

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Connecting the Digital OR

Matrox Onyx — a companion board for Matrox Equinox™ graphics extension unit–provides a window into the operating room for OR planning and control room staff. Matrox Equinox connects one or two high resolution displays, keyboard, mouse, and audio to a host PC that is electrically and magnetically isolated up to 250m (820 feet) away. Matrox Onyx drives one or two high resolution displays at the host PC location, replicating information on OR displays, and enabling OR staff to plan and monitor surgeries from outside the OR.

  • Single Matrox Onyx PCI Express board supports high resolution and high definition displays of up to two 4 MP digital, two 2 MP analog displays, or one of each
  • Fan-less product, for a noiseless solution
  • Dual independent outputs allows any combination of two different digital and/or analog resolutions
  • ExtendiGray© technology accurately converts color displays into grayscale, reducing color distraction during readings, and allowing for concurrent execution of color and grayscale applications on a single grayscale desktop
  • Flicker-free output and pristine image quality
  • Capable of driving stretched1 or independent display modes
  • Hardware Pivot provides smooth and accelerated image display
  • Bus performance optimized for fast window & level and cineloop applications
  • Display replication allows OR displays to be replicated outside the OR, ensuring exact visualization of OR imaging, information, display resolutions and orientations
  • Combine Equinox & Onyx, for additional flexibility and control:
    • Replicate any display or identical display pair
    • View any display on any other display
    • Switch applications on any display
    • Partition any display with Matrox Desktop Divider
    • Manage all displays remotely via Equinox or at the host PC via Onyx
    • Configure systems with matching displays and maintain the correct aspect ratios, resolutions and orientations
    • Only one driver needed when using Equinox and Onyx together

1 Stretched mode requires two displays to be in the same orientation, resolution and color mode.