Matrox Equinox Series

End of life (EOL) April 2012
The Matrox Equinox is an EOL product and is no longer being manufactured or sold by Matrox. Consult your local resellers and distributors for available inventory. Customers deploying the Matrox Equinox can now benefit from higher performance, increased distance and additional features available with the new Matrox Extio F2208 and Matrox Extio F2408 KVM extenders.

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Enabling the Future Operating Room

Matrox Equinox™ graphics extension unit allows operating room (OR) architects, administrators, and surgical staff to design and deploy high resolution or high definition dual displays at a distance from the PC. Distribute and route images, audio and video to hospital educational facilities, operating rooms, planning rooms, and control rooms–all from a single system. Experience connectivity like never before.

Designed for the Operating Room Environment

Isolate the system in a secure, networked computer room, or place it in the planning or control room and remove it from within the limited and hygienic OR space. Using a single run, fiber-optic cable, Equinox stations are electrically and magnetically isolated up to 250 meters (820 feet) away from the system. With no fans, Equinox stations provide a noiseless, standalone solution.

Your Hospital OR - Your Way

Distributing and locating devices with Equinox ensures that only one single system is on the hospital network eliminating dedicated audio/video networks, equipment and expensive cable clutter. All devices connected to Equinox stations on a single PC inherit and can control any aspect of the computing station as though they were resident in that computing station. Display device calibration is localized for easy access and system maintenance. Matrox Desktop Divider gives the ability to divide a display output into multiple regions and PowerSpace will allow users to organize and define desktop workspaces.

A window into the OR

Matrox Onyx™—a companion board for Matrox Equinox—drives displays at the host PC location and can replicate OR display information, enabling OR staff to plan and monitor surgeries from outside the OR.

  • Industry standard fiber-optic cabling localizes Equinox up to 250 meters (820 feet) from a computing station while reducing cable clutter
  • Fan-less product, for a noiseless solution
  • With Matrox PowerDesk and PowerSpace, data, images, desktop and audio can be routed and distributed to any Equinox station
  • Replicate and consolidate displays amongst Equinox and/or Onyx stations, allowing surgical staff to plan procedures outside the OR and better communicate from the control room
  • Computing station remote boot maintenance, management and interaction from any Equinox station
  • Electrical ground loop isolation and magnetic interference isolation over entire optical cable distance
  • Analog and/or digital high resolution and high definition displays up to 4 MP
  • ExtendiGray technology accurately converts color displays into grayscale, reducing color distraction during readings, and allows for concurrent execution of color and grayscale applications on a single grayscale desktop
  • DICOM Pt. 14 GSDF compliance to calibrate displays
  • Small footprint with fan-less and noiseless operation
  • Ability to manage the PC from any Equinox station, and manage any display remotely from the PC using Matrox PowerDesk and/or Matrox PowerSpace, along with the ability to partition displays using Matrox Desktop Divider providing the ability to communicate in a WYSIWYG methodology and plan procedures in a WYSIWYG approach

N.B.: A single interface card (sold separately) is required for each Equinox.