Matrox TripleHead2Go
Analog Edition
Matrox part number T2G-A3A-AJF (Americas & Japan)
T2G-A3A-EUF (Europe)
T2G-A3A-FEF (Australia)
Maximum VGA Resolution1

(See complete list of supported resolutions)

(3x 1280x1024)
Input connectors (How the GXM connects to the system) 1 VGA input
Output connectors (How the GXM connects to the monitors) 3 VGA outputs
Power Power (5VDC, 2A)
Dimensions 3.8" x 4.2" x 0.94"
(9.6cm x 10.7cm x 2.4cm)
Surround Gaming Yes
Hardware included
  • One 2-foot HD-15-to-HD15 (analog) monitor cable
  • One 2-foot DVI-I to VGA cable
  • External 5VDC power adapter
  • Region-specific cable(s)
  • Software CD
System Requirements
  • Single VGA output connector, on a compatible system
  • Display Driver supporting 1920x480, 2400x600, 3072x768 or 3840x1024 resolution

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista® (32/64bit), Windows XP (32/64bit), Windows Server 2003/2008 (32/64bit), Windows 2000, Mac® OS X (10.4, 10.5, 10.6), Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and Linux2

System Compatibility

TripleHead2Go is compatible with a wide range of notebooks and desktop computers. Please see the system compatibility information for more details.

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1 Maximum resolution is system, monitor type, GXM model and operating system dependent. All monitors attached to a DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go product must run at the same resolution.
2 Contact Matrox for tested versions of leading Linux distributions.