DisplayPort to DVI Single-Link Adapter

The Matrox Displayport to DVI adapter lets you connect a DVI display to an M-Series DisplayPort graphics card. This adapter supports display resolutions which allow you to take full advantage of Single-Link DVI capability.


DescriptionDisplayPort to DVI Single-Link Adapter
Part NumberCAB-DP-DVIF
Cable Length Approx. 20cm (0.66 ft)
ConnectorsDisplayPort to DVI-D female
Nr. of Outputs SupportedOne (need 1 adapter per output)
Supported Display Output TypeDVI Single-Link
Max DVI Resolution Supported1920x1200
Supported Graphics Cards M9128 LP PCIe x16
(part # M9128-E1024LAF)

M9138 LP PCIe x16
(part # M9138-E1024LAF)

M9148 LP PCIe x16
(part # M9148-E1024LAF)

M9188 PCIe x16
(part # M9188-E2048F)