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Customer Success - Mura MPX Testimonials

Control Room Video Wall at Tekniska

“Taking into account the solution’s cost-effectiveness, the smooth integration with sources and outputs, and the ensuing installation, Matrox Mura MPX Series made our job as integrators easier as well."

Kristoffer Nord, Key Account Manager, Kontor-X AB

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Kamppi Center

“Matrox Mura boards make it easy to build attractive signage layouts incorporating live content feeds, signage content from Mac mini media players, and different backgrounds.”

Sami Käyhkö, Managing Director, Craneworks

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SmallNet CSP

"I downloaded the SDK to get the Mura API so I could write a custom Crestron® module to better suit our needs. Worked like a charm. The information was very thorough and provided all the commands we could possibly need. I've used so many different makes of video wall processors in the past, but this was by far the easiest to implement and control from a Crestron.”

Paul Williams, Director/Programmer, SmallNet CSP Ltd


“Agelec’s video wall solution with Matrox Mura MPX inside helps us monitor a growing influx of real-time video and data, so we can make informed decisions more quickly during time-critical interventions.”

Commander Didier Margotto, head of emergency response center, SDIS 13

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“Success at Victoria’s Secret - Las Vegas Forum Shops! We’re using Matrox Mura MPX boards to capture and display multiple sources on eight different video features including three impressive video walls in this completely remodeled store. Matrox Support came through in a huge way. They helped us work through a compatibility issue between the media source’s graphics card and the Mura cards. By setting some forced EDID settings, we were able to overcome some troubles we were having with the inputs. Matrox made us a priority and for that we are very grateful!"

Andrew Wakeman, Senior Designer of Systems Integration Services, PlayNetwork

Meetwise GmbH

"Generally, Matrox drivers have proven to be really stable, and we haven't run into any problems with our production servers at our clients in the last two years. Reliability is most important to us, and we hope that you will continue to deliver that high quality of drivers."

Thomas Fichtner, General Manager, Meetwise GmbH

ALMOE AV Systems

“The client had a clear understanding about the prices of other video wall processors on the market. Ultimately, a Mura MPX-based video wall controller was the most cost-effective choice.”

Gareth Armstrong, Contracts Manager, ALMOE AV Systems

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“The client was blown away with the scaling performance of the Mura MPX-based video wall controller.”

Eric Rauch, Principal & Designer, hitplay

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PlayNetwork EMEA

“The Matrox Mura-based video walls contribute a great deal to the overall immersive customer experience. Mura’s flexible board design and the degree of control enabled through its Network API were key factors in the success of our installation.”

Dharmendra Patel, Managing Director, PlayNetwork EMEA

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Candeo Vision

“The Matrox Mura API documentation was clear and the .NET example code provided a solid base for us to work from.”

Alan Betts, Director, Candeo Vision

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The P.A. People

“In Mura MPX, we found exactly the type of powerfully, yet cost-effective solution that we were looking for.”

Chris Dodds, Managing Director, The P.A. People

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