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Customer Success - Maevex Testimonials

AV-over-IP Digital Signage at Bell Centre

“Ultimately, taking all factors into consideration, especially the back-end flexibility of Maevex, it was an easy choice, and even easier to integrate the solution into the Bell Centre’s AV-over-IP multicast Avaya network infrastructure,”

Pierre-Eric Belzile, Vice President, Information and Communication Technology, Canadiens

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"When we first started investigating solutions for this lab it was going to be prohibitively expensive with 220 decoding positions. If we hadn’t found Maevex we would have had to go point to point."

Rob Hardy, AV Project Manager, University of Technology - Sydney

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"The use of live content within signage is a growing trend. Validation of Matrox Maevex gives our customers an affordable way to add high-quality video, yet at low bitrates, and we are excited to see the variety of innovative projects that will result."

Peter Cherna, Chief Product Officer, Scala

Clear Channel Norway

"We feel very strongly that the solutions Matrox produces cannot be compared to home office or consumer products and meet a high grade of industrial standard. Matrox products are built to last. It was a no-brainer for us to select Matrox.”

Jonas Michael, Head of Digital Development and Operations, Clear Channel Norway

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Lake Race 2015

“Digital artifacts or dropped frames broadcast during our two, three-hour live broadcasts were rare […] It was truly amazing and fulfilled our requirements. We could afford it, and it was close enough to real time to get the camera operators and studio back in sync.”

Ned Soseman, broadcast engineer, Lake Race 2015

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Amara International Ltd.

“After we configured PowerStream to the client’s bandwidth specifications, video distribution became a matter of plug and play. It was clear from the start that Maevex would be capable of streaming video across the existing infrastructure with minimal interruption, downtime, and expense.”

Jeff Lai, Sales Manager, Amara International Ltd.

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Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department

“Pristine image quality, low bandwidth consumption, high stability… these are the qualities that make Matrox Maevex a unique AV-over-IP solution. Matrox Maevex was instrumental in helping us stream video over our existing IP network and we are very satisfied with the equipment’s performance so far.”

Miss Michelle Siu, Project Officer, Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department

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Beaver Group

“Maevex looked like a winner from the moment we learned about it. Having now evaluated multiple encoders and decoders working together, we haven’t changed our mind. We were particularly impressed by the image quality and the stability.”

Barry Thurston, Chairman, Beaver Group

Jarvis Media

“With its high-quality video over IP at 1080p60 using existing COTS network structure, combined with an ability to manage the bandwidth usage, we believe that this it the perfect fit.”

Paul Snell, General Manager, Jarvis Media

Joy's Production Services

“The flexibility to change the association of an encoder (source) from a central location to either single or groups of decoders (screens) ‘on the fly’ allows us to match the changing needs of the organizers as the event unfolds.”

Steve Plevin, Production Manager, Joy's Production Services

NEC Displays

“We used Maevex in a couple of locations at the NEC Showcase 2013—our premier event of the year. Maevex helped us to show multiple screens with Full HD content to show our professional displays at their best.”

Jatin Bhatt, Technical Specialist, NEC Displays

District School Board of Niagara

“The staff in our center is coming up with new and innovative ways to use this affordable piece of technology… We have been looking for something with these capabilities for a very long time.”

Jim Wright, Student Information Systems Supervisor, District School Board of Niagara

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