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Customer Success - GXM Testimonials

Catalina Church

“Not only does our triple-screen system look amazing, it is super simple for our volunteers to use and helps us create the engaging, interactive experience we were hoping for.”

Brian O’Morrow, worship pastor, Catalina Church

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Movieland Park

“With DualHead2Go, we were fortunate to find an inexpensive, easy-to-install solution that solved our various multi-projector and multi-monitor challenges. This solution has allowed us to standardize on our multi-display technology for a wide variety of applications, making it considerably easier for both installation and maintenance purposes.”

Claudio Castagnetti, Art-Department and ICT Team Leader, Movieland Park

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“While aligning screens alongside one another creates a widescreen immersive display, the ability to split the content of the examiner desktop enables an examiner to work remotely from the candidate field of view.”

Mike Norman, Human Factors Consultant, Symbiotics Ltd.

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Club Vanilli

“The new club atmosphere is simply outstanding.”

Wolf Dieter Holzhey, owner, Club Vanilli

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Clear Channel Norway

“We enjoyed working with Matrox Graphics products because they are designed for ease of deployment and installation. The unattended installation feature considerably facilitated the rollout of the OSL Gardermoen project, saving us both precious time and money.”

Jonas Michael, Business Development Manager, Clear Channel Norway AS

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BJANCK Production

“TripleHead2Go let us create exactly the visual effect we had envisioned for the Human Reflection project.”

Tomas Franck, founding partner, BJANCK Production

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Camron Ware

“The TripleHead2Go provides churches with a cost-effective solution to run three architectural projectors off one machine, giving them the expensive look for a fraction of the cost.”

Camron Ware, freelance lighting and projection designer

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“To try the TripleHead2Go setup is to love it. It gives the game the feel of real professional driving and the sensation of speed is truly astounding.”

Thierry Pennet, CEO, MobSim

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SimBin Distribution AB

“The TripleHead2Go setup gives you a lifelike view of the cockpit, and the extra screen space really makes you feel more speed when you're playing. The sensation is amazing and customers love it.”

Marcus Brodin, CEO, SimBin Distribution AB

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Media Solutions Live

“We mostly use the TripleHead2Go DP Edition in conjunction with various softwares within a live environment. It has allowed us to turn regular computers into media servers and bring a stage or set to life in ways not possible before.”

Dave Prensner, video producer, Media Solutions Live

Media Solutions TripleHead2Go Testimonial

“We are constantly finding new ways to implement the Graphics eXpansion Modules from Matrox. We mostly use the Triplehead2Go DP Edition in conjunction with various software programs within a live event environment. It has allowed us to turn regular computers into media servers and bring a stage or set to life in ways not possible before. The flexibility of the Triplehead2Go has opened up many options as we look for creative ways to display an engaging environment in any given venue.”

Dave Prensner, Owner, Media Solutions

Firezone TripleHead2Go Testimonial

“Stage design for worship experiences is about eliminating distractions and creating focus. Media is one of the many tools used and with multi-screen projection you can create some very cool atmospheres. The Matrox Triplehead2Go along with good software is a cost-effective way of having such a powerful tool.”

Christopher Cope, Media Producer | Creative Ministries Department, The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga

CCI Solutions

“The Matrox TripleHead2Go allows us to provide a simple and economical multi-screen content delivery solution to our customers. Using the software they’re already accustomed to, the average church volunteer can easily use ProPresenter to deliver dynamic video content to multiple screens. The churches we serve love using the TripleHead2Go!”

Duke DeJong, Church Relations Director, CCI Solutions


"Wonderware has validated Matrox graphics hardware with InTouch HMI SCADA applications. Such Matrox products include: add-in graphics cards from the M-Series, G450 MMS, QID Series and Millennium P-Series product lines; Extio remote graphics units—which can power the user-interface components of a system up to 800ft away from the host PC; and the DualHead2Go Graphics eXpansion Module. The versatile Matrox PowerDesk desktop management software enables Wonderware users to easily customize category A and B configurations. With certain Matrox products, PowerDesk also provides the possibility of enabling a stretched desktop across multiple cards on more than 4 displays."

Keith Jones, Business Manager, HMI / Visualization, Wonderware

SolidWorks Corporation

"For some design engineers, workstation display real-estate goes hand-in-hand with workflow productivity. The TripleHead2Go from Matrox Graphics enables three monitors to be run from today's leading GPUs and this allows Solidworks customers to look at more views of the same model at the same time, to work with multiple office productivity applications at the same time as their design applications, or simply to visualize models right across three screens for unbelievable close-ups. Bravo Matrox!"

Aaron Kelly, Director of Product Management, SolidWorks Corporation

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