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Customer Success - C-Series Testimonials


“The Matrox C680 six-output and C900 nine-output graphics cards give us a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to multi-display layouts, whether it’s to drive multiple 4K displays or the ever-popular 3x3 video walls for digital signage. Alongside our Touchwindow multi-touch software products, we’re able to readily and easily create true interactive single- and multi-user platforms that leave long-lasting impressions—and experiences—for both our customers and their audiences.”

Andrea Bianchi, CEO,


“Now certified by Scala to drive nine displays per card, Matrox’s C900 graphics card offers a substantial canvas, meaning digital signage can be presented on a larger scale than ever before. Matrox continues to offer high-performance products for professional markets, and our customers benefit from the advances that Matrox has brought, and will continue to bring, to the multi-display graphics market.”

Peter Cherna, Chief Product Officer, Scala


“We’ve just concluded a test of the Matrox C420, in combination with our newest DS-980 platform, and we’re very happy with the results. This high-quality product supports up to 6 monitors and can function as a video wall, all at a very competitive price.”

Jeroen Baerents, Business Development Manager, Advantech Europe

Shuttle Computer Group

“Shuttle and Matrox demonstrate brilliantly what a Shuttle XPC is really capable of. Our R81710M, combined with a Matrox C900 card is the ideal blend of performance, flexibility and value. This bundle is perfect for installations in retail, corporate, entertainment, and hospitality environments as well as video walls in security, process control, and transportation.”

Tom Seiffert, Head of Marketing, Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH


“Matrox’s new award winning C900 card brings new levels of performance and space utilization when creating 3x3 video walls. C900 and DigiSHOW is an essential consideration where high-quality 3x3 digital signage is required.”

Chris Fulton, CEO and Founder, FUTURESoftware

Sure International

“We required a six-head output graphics card to create a video strip utilizing six 46-inch HD Philips screens. The card needed to be able to run layered graphics which are animated… [The C680] performed excellently and the artwork looked professional, crisp, and fluid.”

Paul Midwood, Group Business Development Manager, Image Technique

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“Matrox’s new C680 graphics card is certified by Scala to drive six displays per card, and using framelock, we can use two cards to obtain twelve full-HD displays fully synchronized… Scala has been working with Matrox successfully for many years and we look forward to the joint high-quality, multi-screen projects that will surely follow.”

Harry Horn, Vice President Marketing, Global, Scala

Sharp Electronics Corporation

“We have used Matrox C-Series boards to demonstrate Sharp’s latest HD and 4K displays. Our set-up was trouble-free, and we are very happy with the results. The Sharp-Matrox combination is an excellent choice for many applications—including multi-display workstations in control rooms, digital signage video walls, and high-resolution presentation displays.”

Gary Bailer, Director of Product Management for Pro AV Products, Sharp Electronics Corporation

DISE International

“We have tested C-series successfully and were impressed by the outstanding performance and image quality. C-series opens up new possibilities and puts us ahead of the competition. Matrox graphic cards give our customers and partners the ability to enable flexible, powerful, and reliable video walls for digital signage. The wide range and reliable products contribute to a really good digital signage solution and make the outcome to a better experience. ”

Fredrik Bergström, R&D Manager, DISE International

Net Display Systems

“These latest C-Series graphics cards deliver solid performance as well as the reliability we have come to expect from Matrox. Having successfully installed Matrox M-Series graphics cards many times in the past, we were excited to test out this new line of cards with our Smart Digital Signage, and would most definitely recommend C-Series to our customers seeking to drive digital signage across multiple displays.”

Willie Jan Bons, CEO, Net Display Systems


“We’re pleased to confirm that Matrox C-Series graphics cards have been validated with Play-Out InfoMaster together with Play-Out XL Signage. Play-Out’s advanced signage solutions are used around the world and we believe Matrox C-Series cards are a great fit for powering reliable display walls in a variety of configurations to engage, attract, and inform audiences.”

Johan Lindström, Senior CMS Manager, Play-Out

Pronto TV

“We have validated Matrox C-Series cards with the PRONTODISPLAY digital signage system and we are impressed with the smooth video playback across multiple displays. As a key supplier of turn-key signage solutions to the Norwegian marketplace where multi-display quality, flexibility, and reliability are prized, we believe Matrox C-Series graphics cards are an excellent choice.”

Robert Edlund, Technical Project Manager, Pronto TV

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