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Nova Entertainment

“We highly recommend Avio to other stations that are looking to upgrade or install KVM solutions for their own audio production facilities.”

Luke McKew, Technology Manager, Nova Entertainment

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Groupe Pixcom Inc.

“Matrox Avio seems to have been designed specifically for our needs. It met all of our requirements and even exceeded them, which was not the case for many other models.”

Dominic Gagné, technical services team, Groupe Pixcom Inc.

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Matrox Avio Fiber-Optic KVM Extenders at Pixcom

With a move on the horizon and the desire to continue centralizing workstations to reduce in-studio noise and heat, film & television production company Groupe Pixcom Inc. vetted different KVM extenders and chose the fiber-optic Matrox Avio F120, which enables real-time control up to 10 km (6.2 miles) away.

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To read the complete story, visit Pixcom Centralizes Video Editing Workstations with Matrox Avio KVM Extenders.

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