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Transpower New Zealand

“Matrox Extio KVM extenders allow desktop PCs to be located in a dedicated secure environment, simplifying desktop PC hardware replacement and allowing for the installation of rise/fall desks.”

Andy Marsh, project manager, Transpower New Zealand

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“We have reduced the environmental stress of the user, which means less noise, less heat, and more working space by avoiding local servers and workstations at operators’ desks.”

Eckart Engel, project manager, ARGE VLZ

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A2A Reti Elettriche Spa

“Our staff immediately appreciated the new silent workroom, while from an IT standpoint, the Extio addressed the operator workstation maintenance issues, reducing the number of interventions required to obtain the highest service continuity.”

Modesto Lauro, system manager, A2A Reti Elettriche Spa

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“Now, with noise-free studios, ultra-crisp monitors, and properly functioning hardware, complaints about system failures are at an all-time low, creating a much more comfortable—and productive—work environment for all INBS employees.”

Gunnar Gisli Gudnason, head of maintenance, INBS

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Cape Town Emergency Communication Center

“The Matrox Extio allows us to render a more efficient service.”

Jeremiah Phillips, head of technical support, Cape Town Emergency Communication Center

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Northwest Iowa Cooperative

"Without the Matrox Extio, NIPCO would be confronted with many challenges of operating a number of PC workstations away from the actual area where they are needed."

Dennis Hill, VP telecommunications services, Northwest Iowa Cooperative

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Central 112 de Cantabria

“The Matrox Extio fiber-optic extension technology was by far the best choice for Central 112 de Cantabria. It was exactly the solution we were looking for—capable of distancing the PC equipment from the operator console, running completely silently, and not generating heat.”

Juan Hernández Álvarez, Regional Manager for Andalucia and APD, Algorithms, Designs and Processes, Central 112 de Cantabria

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Arlington County Office of Emergency Management—Public Safety Emergency Communications Center

“The Extio Remote Graphics Units have helped us to meet one of our goals for this 24/7 operation—to design a more comfortable work environment within which to maximize productivity.”

Roger Waller, technology specialist, Arlington County Office of Emergency Management—Public Safety Emergency Communications Center

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German Schwetzingen hospital

“Our doctors are very happy about the implementation of the Matrox Extio in our ORs. The new digital setup eliminates the need to search for film and allows doctors instant access to X-Rays without having a disturbing and noisy PC in the Operating Room.”

Michael Roll, IT department, Schwetzingen Hospital

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"Matrox Graphics has helped us simplify installation of multi-screen operator workplaces with the Extio Product. For System 800xA projects that need computers in a separate room, away from the operator interfaces, it provides exceptional high display quality and performance."

Per Lundmark - Marketing Manager, System 800xA Extended Operator Workplace ABB


"Matrox multi-display technology, specifically the G450x4 MMS and QID LP PCIe graphics cards, are the quad-display products of choice for the Emerson DeltaV workstation. Additionally, Emerson Process Management has further validated the Matrox Extio F1400 Remote Graphics Unit for use with DeltaV v9.3 and higher. Extio technology provides exceptional graphics performance and image quality on 4 displays at a distance of up to 820ft. With Extio, DeltaV customers can power operator stations away from their DCS workstation without a performance penalty."

Emerson Process Management

GE Fanuc

"Matrox has shown a commitment to automation management systems by exposing multi-display capabilities for all system form factors with products like Extio. GE Fanuc products like CIMPLICITY and iFIX can now run up to 820 feet from the operator interface."

Roy Kok, Senior Product Manager of Proficy Software HMI/SCADA Applications and Drivers GE Fanuc Automation

Goma Elettronica SpA

"Matrox offers a broad portfolio of products designed for the specific requirements of process automation, rail management and other mission critical systems. With form factors ranging from PCI to PCIe x1 and PCIe x16 across many product families—from P-Series to M-Series graphics cards and Extio remote graphics units, Matrox solutions are compatible with a variety of specialized systems. The assortment of form factors, in combination with display drivers that offer Industry-leading capabilities, also provide the flexibility for multi-board configurations—to power up to 8 displays—with Goma Elettronica Industrial PCs."

Dott. Irene Gozzo, Sales & Marketing Manager,


"Matrox Extio products work very well with Honeywell control systems, including the Icon Series Console. Since graphics, audio, and USB hardware is integrated into the Extio device itself, graphics performance at 800ft is as fluid as it would be if the displays were powered directly by an add-in card in a computer only a couple of feet away under the desk."

Dennis Kodimer, Systems Hardware Engineering, Honeywell Process Solutions


"Matrox Extio remote graphics units provide excellent image quality at high resolutions over considerable distances (up to 820ft). The use of these devices makes it possible for our customers to run the operator interfaces away from their Foxboro DCS workstations, which can be secured in a separate, temperature controlled room."

Betty Naylor-McDevitt, Director Of Marketing for Invensys Process Systems


"Metso Automation is pleased to incorporate Matrox graphics hardware as part of its metsoDNA CR – automation and information platform. The fanless feature of P690 graphics cards and Extio remote graphics units helps to increase system reliability and reduce overall control room noise levels. Tested combinations of Matrox Extio RGUs and metsoACN Industrial PCs are proven solutions when operator consoles in a control room are needed to be located remotely from the host PCs."

Teemu Kiviniemi, Product Manager, metsoDNA CR

Schneider Electric

"The Matrox Extio Series of remote graphics units is a testament to the dedication Matrox has towards developing high-quality, productivity-enhancing products for process automation systems. Schneider Electric has certified that Extio RGUs work seamlessly with the Schneider Electric Process Automation platform for the Vijeo Citect SCADA application. With Extio, the Vijeo Citect platform can be used from a single PC instead of four, with a single mouse and keyboard for optimal operator interaction. The Extio Series provides a range of excellent solutions for Vijeo Citect users looking to remotely power up to 4 displays, USB devices and audio peripherals 250m away from the host PC."

Levent Fadiloglu, Automation & MMM Vertical Sales Manager / Turkey


"Matrox multi-display graphics hardware has been used in Siemens SIMATIC HMI systems for years. The reliability, image quality, multi-display configuration options - not to mention the long product life cycles—of Matrox products make them key building blocks for Siemens systems. Recently, Siemens Italy has validated the Matrox Extio Series of remote graphics units for use with SIMATIC industrial PCs. Extio RGUs are excellent options for customers looking to power the user interface components of their SIMATIC systems up to 250m away from the industrial PC - without a penalty to image quality or performance."

Mauro Cerea - AS dept., Siemens S.p.A. - Milano - Italy, SIMATIC HMI - Human Machine Interface


"Wonderware has validated Matrox graphics hardware with InTouch HMI SCADA applications. Such Matrox products include: add-in graphics cards from the M-Series, G450 MMS, QID Series and Millennium P-Series product lines; Extio remote graphics units - which can power the user-interface components of a system up to 800ft away from the host PC; and the DualHead2Go Graphics eXpansion Module. The versatile Matrox PowerDesk desktop management software enables Wonderware users to easily customize category A and B configurations. With certain Matrox products, PowerDesk also provides the possibility of enabling a stretched desktop across multiple cards on more than 4 displays."

Keith Jones, Business Manager, HMI / Visualization, Wonderware


"It takes three main components to achieve the "ideal" human-machine interface (HMI): The operating system for the PC, the control vendor's software and the graphics controller. These factors are part of a perpetual evaluation cycle to realize the best HMI. Matrox offers an extensive array of products, which helps Yokogawa meet even the most stringent multi-display project requirements. Matrox desktop management software and unified driver architecture provide the versatility needed to easily customize configurations. Products such as Extio remote graphics units, as well as M-Series, QID Series and Millennium P690 Series graphics cards, are choice options for Yokogawa."

Steve Lazok, Technical Solutions, Support Manager, Yokogawa Corp. of America

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