Matrox Maevex 6020 Remote Recorder Now Available

Matrox Maevex 6120 Wins 2018 SCN Product of the Year

Extend the Life of your PACS Workstations

If you are looking to upgrade your PACS workstations with leading-edge features and hardware-accelerated performance, a quick and intuitive installation of Xenia Series display controller boards may be all it takes.

PACS system for mammography imagingMenno Timmer, Product Manager with Rogan-Delft, claims, "The ease of installing the Xenia boards surprised us in a positive way. Never before did it take so little time to prepare our systems [...] a single board solution, and therefore single driver solution, rules out any possible driver conflicts."

Lutz Lammers, Senior Product Specialist for PACS at FUJIFILM Europe GmbH concurs, "Matrox Xenia Series offers a number of advantages [...] there's less power consumption related to the use of one vs. two video boards and you save one PCIe slot. And due to the possibility of hardware-software integration, higher performance."

When loading high resolution medical images, strong, reliable performance is a must. According to Dr. Frédéric Banegas, PhD, Chief Technical Officer, Intrasense SAS, "The handling of 10-bit radiographic images is obviously a key feature of Matrox products, in addition to powerful graphic processing capabilities." Aspyra's product manager, Bill Culton, agrees, "Even without using the advanced medical functionalities available on the Xenia Series, it is significantly faster than the MED Series."

Software developers can add advanced features to their applications, upgrading older workstations with newer technologies and accelerated performance. FENICS CEO Jérémy Clech notes, "The Matrox Xenia Pro board dramatically reduces the development process by providing high-level libraries and native C# example source and executables for rapid development."

Monitor calibration is vital across the enterprise, yet many displays lack accurate internal calibration capabilities. In less than 2 minutes, a Matrox Xenia Series board provides a multi-point calibration using Qubyx PerfectLUM software and an external sensor. And with support for the widest range of displays, allowing healthcare facilities to invest in the latest display technology or reuse their current displays, Matrox Xenia Series is the obvious choice.