Matrox Maevex 6020 Remote Recorder Now Available

Save Time & Money with Matrox Xenia Series

Xenia for PACS MedicalXenia Series delivers the leading-edge features and performance you demand from a display controller board, with the simple installation, stable drivers and flexible configuration options you've come to expect from Matrox.

  • Select a specific region of interest on the main display using a mouse, or predefine multiple display regions using Matrox Desktop Divider™, and present these one at a time on a large screen display or projector
  • Facilitate deployment and reduce support costs by standardizing across multi-modality reading rooms, meeting/ training rooms and operating theatres
  • Upgrade or deploy new workstations more quickly with easy installation and simple configuration tools
  • Eliminate multiple board/driver conflicts and associated support with a single slot board offering triple digital high-resolution display output
  • Reduce capital expenditures by re-using current monitors, choosing from the widest range of compatible displays
  • Future-proof your enterprise with forward and backward display compatibility
  • Correct or enhance luminance uniformity on displays in less than two minutes, bringing them within global industry standards
  • Save energy with class-leading board technology featuring low power consumption
  • Reduce down-time with reliable hardware and drivers tested with a wide range of medical imaging applications
  • Improve workflow and boost radiology reporting capacity with smooth window/level, zoom/pan and image load performance
  • Benefit from additional performance gains via onboard image processing with the free Matrox SDK for developers