Matrox Maevex 6020 Remote Recorder Now Available

Matrox Maevex 6120 Wins 2018 SCN Product of the Year

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Read our customer success stories below to find out how companies around the world benefit from using Matrox Graphics products.

  • Matrox C-Series Testimonials
    Matrox C-Series multi-display video cards allow you to drive up to six 4K displays or projectors from a single graphics board
  • Matrox Mura MPX Series Testimonials
    Featuring both high-definition outputs and high-definition inputs, Matrox Mura MPX Series video wall controller boards are building blocks of high-performance, scalable installations
  • Matrox Maevex 5100 Series Testimonials
    The Matrox Maevex video over IP solution extends 1080p60 video and audio over a standard IP network
  • Matrox Avio Series Testimonials
    Matrox Avio Series KVM extension solutions deliver dual-display workstation performance ideally suited for mission-critical environments that require stable, reliable I/O extension technology
  • Matrox Extio Series Testimonials
    The Matrox Extio KVM extender delivers remote functionality of its keyboard, mouse, USB, audio, and monitors up to 1 km away from a host system
  • Matrox M-Series Testimonials
    Matrox M-Series multi-display graphics cards support up to eight high-resolution monitors from a single board
  • Matrox Graphics eXpansion Module Testimonials
    GXMs are external multi-display upgrades that work in conjunction with your system's existing GPU to connect two or three displays to a single system

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