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An Unforgettable Photo Symphony

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BJANCK produces a stunning visual concert, captivating audiences around the world with unforgettable images projected across three giant screens using Matrox TripleHead2Go.

"TripleHead2Go let us create exactly the visual effect we had envisioned for the Human Reflection project," says Tomas Franck, founding partner of BJANCK Production. "We wanted to inspire and immerse the audience in the show—with music for their ears, accompanied by beautiful images for their eyes."

"The device is perfect for travelling; it’s small and easy to set up, yet the image quality is superb."

The Company

Collaborating since 1997 on various theatrical, musical, and multi-media shows, light designer Kenneth Björk and set designer Tomas Franck established BJANCK in 2004 to take on new projects and offer complete solutions for productions. One such project was to provide light and production design, as well as editing and projection planning for "Human Reflection – The Photo Symphony," an interactive photo exhibit of the work of renowned photographer Steve McCurry, featuring saxophone player Johan Stengård and original symphony orchestra music.

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The Challenge

BJANCK started with the idea of showing the photos above the orchestra in a triptych setup—displaying them on three screens using projectors. They weren’t sure how this could be done from a technology standpoint, and it was important to them to find a solution that wouldn’t degrade the image quality. The final solution had to be easy to use and simple to bring on tour—ideally a solution that wouldn’t exceed the size of hand luggage.

The Solution

While researching different software and hardware options, they came across the TripleHead2Go Graphics eXpansion Module on the Matrox website. TripleHead2Go proved to be a perfect fit, allowing them to drive three projectors from a single computer and display either a different photo on each screen, or span one image across all three. Small and easy to set up, the TripleHead2Go was first used at the BJANCK studio for editing and creation of the show, and then disconnected and packed to take on tour. MacBook Pros were used for both the editing and the presentations, and setup at each location was done in a matter of minutes.

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The Result

A concert benefiting the Center for International Health and in collaboration with various Children’s Hospitals, the Human Reflection project premiered in Wisconsin on October 1st, 2008 to a delighted audience.

The Human Reflection team was thrilled with the result – an original optical display that complimented the music and engaged the spectators visually.

The show will be touring several major US cities before heading to South Africa, and negotiations are underway for more presentations across Europe, South Korea, and Japan.

For more information on BJANCK, please visit www.bjanck.com. For more information on the Human Reflection project, please visit www.humanreflection.org.

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