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Mitsubishi Electric selects Matrox Graphics to power display products at Integrate 2011

  • Matrox M9138 graphics card drives a 3x1 ultra-wide, seamless 3072x768 video using Matrox Edge Overlap with Mitsubishi edge-blending-enabled projectors.

  • Matrox Mura MPX video wall controller hardware drive a 2x2 video
    wall at 3840x2160 showcasing captivating HD content across an assortment of six different layout configurations.

  • Matrox M9128 graphics card drives vibrant, high-quality images on Mitsubishi 70 LED cubes at 1920x2160 using Content Interface Corporations iZoom player.

  • Matrox M9128 graphics cards drive two 2160x1920 Mitsubishi 65 LCD setups surrounding its 150 OLED display with high-resolution images displayed by CICs Moving Poster player.

  • Matrox F2408 KVM Extender drives four Mitsubishi 55 ultra-thin bezel LCD displays at 5464x768 using Matrox Stretched mode with transitions provided by CIC.

  • Matrox M9128 graphics card drives a custom-designed, Mitsubishi pivoted HD touch screen showcasing video cube, zoom, pan, and rotate features.

  • Matrox M9128 graphics card drives Mitsubishi display at 1080x1920 and HD content showcasing multi-monitor installations using various CIC transition effects.


Mitsubishi Electric Australia, exhibiting at Integrate 2011, required hardware and vibrant media content to uniquely showcase their trademark HD display technology. Matrox proudly stepped up to the challenge, supporting Mitsubishi’s high-quality display products with high-resolution graphics solutions, Edge Overlap (for multi-projector setups), video walls, and uncompressed KVM extension technology. Matrox M-Series multi-display graphics cards render pristine images across as many as eight monitors. Matrox Extio Series KVM extenders enable an operational range of up to one kilometer between a computer’s keyboard, mouse, and displays and the host system via a single fiber-optic cable. Finally, Matrox Mura MPX Series video wall controller boards are the first to feature both HD inputs and HD outputs on a single card and, once combined in a single system, serve as building blocks of increasingly large-scale video walls.

The Challenge

A host to the most influential names in the professional sound, light, and vision sectors from across the world, Integrate in Association with InfoComm International represents Australia’s largest audiovisual expo. Exhibitor Mitsubishi Electric Australia, the local branch of electronics-giant Mitsubishi Electric, partnered with Matrox to drive full-resolution images across a unique assortment of HD multi-display configurations. The setups required custom media content that would resonate with visitors, demonstrating their capabilities in order to complement a centerpiece 150” OLED Diamond Vision display, on special loan from Mitsubishi’s head office in Japan. Content Interface Corporation (CIC) was brought into the fold to develop that rich content.

"When Matrox approached CIC less than a month before the show for content support, we agreed with confidence that we would be able to participate and provide enough content in time," said CIC President Hao Le. "We knew that our content display engine is a perfect match for the Matrox graphic cards and the Mitsubishi displays."

CIC’s specialization in creating media for large events made it the obvious choice, with the wheels now set in motion for what was to become a hugely successful showing for all three companies at Integrate.

The Solution

Mitsubishi Electric’s booth was made up of a total of seven multi-display stations driven by Matrox technology. A Mura MPX44F controller board powered a 2x2 display wall at a massive spanned resolution of 3840x2160, while an Extio F2408 drove a 4x1, ultra-widescreen, 5463x768-resolution setup consisting of 55” ultra-thin-bezel LCDs. Additionally, a 3072x768-resolution multi-projector setup leveraged a Matrox M9138 triple-display graphics card as well as Matrox PowerDesk software suite’s Edge Overlap feature, which enables the seamless display of images across multiple screens, and, in this case, a curved, multi-display canvas.

Furthermore, Matrox M9188 hardware was showcased on a 1x2 setup comprising dual Mitsubishi 70” LED cubes. Meanwhile, M-Series M9128 drove content on four separate setups: two pivoted single screens, including a custom touch-screen display, and two pivoted 65” LCD platforms in 2x1 configurations, running 2160x1920 content to the left and right of Mitsubishi’s impressive 150” Diamond Vision OLED.

Of special note, CIC was able to perfectly conform all media to the individual displays’ unique resolution requirements by cropping custom 4K Ultra HD video footage to fit ultra-wide-screen modes. This yielded stunning, scaled visuals on each multi-display platform, each of which also took advantage of exclusive zooming and panning features enabled by CIC’s iZoom and Moving Poster applications.

“The Mitsubishi-Matrox booth required a huge amount of high-quality passive and interactive content for the large number of high-resolution monitors, projectors, video walls, and a touch-screen panel,” said Le. “We were able to choose from our large archive of high-resolution imagery and a collection of 4K (3840x2160 pixel) videos from the famous videographer and photographer Dorian Weber to provide content that matched each and every display setup. This was all accomplished well within the limited time frame.”

The Result

Following the show, Mitsubishi Electric Australia’s Visual Information Systems Division Manager, Matthew Hanna, was thrilled with how the demo stations were made to feature Mitsubishi’s innovative technology in its entire splendor.

“Working together, we were able to plan and execute on a handful of very exciting setups,” said Hanna. “Matrox’s close collaboration with CIC also afforded us the privilege of showcasing breathtaking high-resolution videos and images across our diverse display lineup. The overall result was impressive to say the least, and our booth was certainly one of the best at the show.”

Samuel Recine, Director of Sales, Americas & Asia Pacific at Matrox, added: “Our next stop in partnership with Mitsubishi is I/ITSEC in Orlando starting November 28th. Here we’ll be pushing multi-monitor simulation graphics content to an operator station at the same time as visualizing this content on an array of Mitsubishi DLP cubes to feature uncompressed raw performance at both ends. Mitsubishi’s extraordinary display precision is the perfect canvass on which to view Matrox’s capture, transport, and display capabilities.”

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