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Matrox and S-CAPE demonstrate Operating Room display solutions at Medica 2007

S-CAPE demonstrates display options for digital ORs with its medical multi-console station and Matrox Equinox graphics extension unit and Onyx companion board

S-CAPE partnered with Matrox to demonstrate its medical console system with Matrox's latest solutions for the digital OR–Matrox Equinox™ graphics extension unit and Matrox Onyx™ companion board to Equinox Series. Two sets of dual displays were connected to a common PC. Using Equinox and Onyx together allowed for the replication of display data on both sets of displays.

Designed for operating room, control, planning, and education rooms, Equinox Series brings pristine image quality to two high resolution displays (up to 4 MP each), and provides connections for keyboard, mouse and other peripherals up to 250m away from the PC. This fanless graphics extension unit allows hospitals to distribute and manage medical data, audio/video, and imagery in various locations, while removing the PC and associated noise, heat, cable-clutter, and possible interference from the hygienic operating room (OR) space. Designed as a companion board to Matrox Equinox Series, Matrox Onyx is a fanless PCI-Express display controller board with identical display support. Used together, Onyx can replicate Equinox display data onto displays next to the host PC, allowing OR staff to plan and monitor surgeries outside the OR. The introduction of Equinox and Onyx reinforces Matrox's dedication to providing OR staff with the best solutions for their digital imaging needs.

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