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Controlling and Managing Milan's Water Supply (Translated from Italian)

Sistemi Integrati
By Sistemi Integrati
November 2015 Issue

Sistemi Integrati

“The most important part of [MM SpA’s] business involves the management of Milan's waterworks and sewer system, consisting of various installations including the San Rocco treatment plant, which was designed to ensure broad operational flexibility.”

“The facility's control room was fitted with a SCADA management system incorporating a 2x2 Sharp video wall built with four PN-V601A 60" monitors and a Matrox graphics controller with MuraControl software. Outside the facility, a Sharp LED video wall installed in place of an obsolete low-resolution display, relays company messages and a number of significant operational parameters, such as power consumption and the amount of purified sewage in square meters, for the benefit of visitors to the plant.”

“‘The previous video wall consisted of four 50" rear projection cubes in 4:3 format,’ explains architect Tiziano Mazzini, Head of Infrastructure and Operations for MM. ‘But lately it had become obsolete: the technology was over ten years old and it also had one major limitation, insofar as each cube only displayed the content of one workstation—the size of the windows couldn't be changed as desired. We replaced it with a Sharp video wall consisting of four PN-V601A 60" monitors and a Matrox Mura MPX graphics controller cards. For us, the image quality and product reliability were the deciding factors, along with the assistance provided by Sharp in planning and executing the project; the Sharp offering was very competitive.’”

“‘Essentially, this video wall is like a large dashboard,’ continues Tiziano Mazzini, ‘where the operators can view screens that would normally only be available on individual workstation monitors, with the addition of any other source connected to the system server. We can browse the network and view images from video surveillance systems, images, or archive footage, with the added advantage of being able to resize each individual window on the video wall. Operational flexibility is very high, which benefits the quality, productivity, and reliability of the work and service.’”

Read the complete article in the November issue (pp. 20-21) of Sistemi Integrati (Italian)

Remote Control: Managing an Integrated Water Service (Translated from Italian)

Sistemi Integrati
By Sistemi Integrati
November 2015 Issue

Sistemi Integrati

“‘The Fiora aqueduct,’ explains engineer Emiliano Facchielli, ‘is set up to manage the water service for the provinces of Grosseto and Siena. It coordinates the networks and plants that drive the complete water cycle: from abstraction (from spring, well, or sea) to the delivery of water to the people, from the collection of wastewater (in sewers) to the treatment and return of water to the environment. It is a perfectly integrated water cycle. The control room, where we installed the 3x2 Sharp video wall managed by Matrox hardware, allows us to work with a great deal of precision and accuracy. We used to be located at individual workstations scattered throughout the territory, which inevitably limited our ability to react to activities and issues.’“

“The Sharp video wall was created using Matrox Mura technology. Each PN-V601 monitor that makes up the video wall is connected via DVI to the Display Wall Controller based on Matrox Mura MPX cards. The same server is connected by means of dual DVI cables to six workstations serving six operator consoles, which are managed through Matrox Extio F2408 to remotely control up to four Full HD DVI signals, keyboard, USB mouse, and audio over a single fiber-optic cable, with the remaining hardware installed in the server room: an innovative and still fairly uncommon configuration that makes for a particularly simple installation. ‘The installation took two days for the video wall,’ Paolo Del Vita explains, ‘And another four to install the video wall management software and the six control stations, each of which comprise three monitors. The video wall was given a 3x2 layout to duplicate the content of one of the three monitors present at each station. Even so, each operator can take over control and set up the video wall differently when the situation calls for particular sharing requirements.’“

Read the complete article in the November issue (pp. 22-23) of Sistemi Integrati (Italian)

Projectors stitch compelling images

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting
By Kamarul Arifin Bin Abdul Hafiz
November 2015 Issue

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting

“However, with the Matrox PowerDesk Edge Overlap feature that is available on all Matrox M-Series graphics cards, Extio F2208 and F2408 KVM extenders, and Mura MPX display wall controller boards, users can easily and intuitively adjust the number of overlapping pixels between edge-blending projectors to create a unified image.

“These Matrox products can be combined with edge-blending projectors to provide a cost-effective solution for boardrooms, classrooms, digital signage application and presentation environments seeking digital content on up to eight projectors per graphics card in a wide range of configurations.

“Matrox Edge Overlap duplicates the GPU’s output edges, allowing each projector’s output edge to be physically overlapped with that of the adjacent projector. The fine detail of manipulating the number of overlapped vertical and horizontal pixels is managed through Matrox PowerDesk, a multi-display desktop management software available with the display driver.”

Read the complete Asia-Pacific Broadcasting feature (PDF)

Video Walls Provide Eye-Popping Experience

Government Video
By Frank Klimko
May 20, 2015

Government Video

Matrox Graphics produces flexible products that are a good fit for control rooms, presentation environments or digital signage applications.

“There’s been an increased demand for video walls that display content from a variety of sources,” said Helgi Sigurdsson, product manager for the Montreal-based company. “This has driven the need for more flexible video wall solutions.”

In cases where customers want to display more than one source, or easily switch between sources and local file-based content, a PC-based video wall controller with a Matrox Mura MPX capture and display board may be the right solution, Sigurdsson said.

“System integration can be challenging when dealing with multiple components, however Mura’s minimalist, single-slot input/output board design,” Sigurdsson said, “reduces video wall controller build complexity so integrators can turn around projects on a much shorter deadline.”

Read the complete article on Government Video

High-Performance Visualisation

Oilfield Technology
By Matrox Graphics
December 2012 Issue

Installation Europe

“Imagine running a windowed application for many-to-many communications while running a separate windowed application to see the streaming content being manipulated by a colleague in a different city. Though it could be construed as overly optimistic to hope for no latency issues in such a rich and dynamic context, the configuration is already possible today and group discussion among many experts is definitely already enhanced.”

Read the complete Oilfield Technology feature (PDF)

Watch the World Unfold on a Video Wall

By Matrox Graphics
May 2012 Issue

Installation Europe

“A modern video wall used in a purpose-built application is something to behold. Whether to control a network of high-speed trains or manage an infrastructure of security cameras, today’s video wall does it all. It can display large maps or computer-based representations of electric power grids or train tracks, overlay information such as weather conditions or stock-market data, and superimpose many different video streams.

This is all done in different formats, such as video teleconferencing, satellite television or video cameras, whether analog or digital (and compressed in hundreds of formats when digital). Even a broad mix of media such as simulation content, digital advertising, entertainment and CAD visualizations can appear on a video wall, demonstrating its sheer versatility.”

Read the complete Matrox video wall controller feature

Behind the screens

Installation Europe
By Ian McMurray
April 2012 Issue

Installation Europe

“Stability is an immensely valuable but often overlooked characteristic,” says Rob Moodey, sales account manager at Matrox Graphics. “At the end of the day, a video wall which has frozen or ‘bluescreened’ is of no use. Well written graphics drivers are a major contributor to system stability. It’s no co-incidence that Matrox puts so much effort into making its drivers stable.”

“The screen vendor enjoys two main advantages when it comes to selling a controller. The association with their brand values and the simplicity of ordering. But manufacturers like Matrox also have strong brand promise and reputation. The Mura video wall controller boards are standards-based so they allow integrators to select the most appropriate platform to configure best-of-breed solutions and provide simplicity of ordering. Some screen vendors have sought to incorporate Matrox video wall solutions to deliver the highest quality performance to match that of their displays.”

“The Matrox Mura approach can be described as a ‘video wall controller on a card’. By putting multiple inputs, outputs, scalers and compositor functions onto a single card, we have dramatically reduced the number of slots needed whilst at the same time increased the number of Full HD streams that can be simultaneously captured, processed and displayed—without needing to use the ‘tricks’ of reducing frame rate or colour depth.”

Read the complete Installation Europe feature (PDF)

Simulation Training Solutions Spanning Multiple Displays and Technologies

By Matrox Graphics
December 2011 Issue

Military Technology Logo

"In relation to productive group training exercises, video wall controllers can work in conjunction with both KVM extenders and multi-display adapters. One system should serve as the video wall controllers, powered by solutions like Mura MPX Series single-slot, input/output boards, while additional systems can connect to KVM extenders to increase the operational range between each remote, multi-display station and its host system. The end result is a truly collaborative and immersive training environment that emphasizes efficient training practices above all else. Here, the extenders transmit uncompressed digital video in real time from a given multi-display setup for the unhindered evaluation of each student's performance in high-pressure situations. The video wall meanwhile provides the teacher with a big screen on which to easily assess the performance of each trainee."

Read the complete Matrox simulation training feature (PDF)

The writing’s on the video wall

CCTV Image
By Matrox Graphics
Autumn 2011

CCTV Image

“There are video wall controller boards currently on the market that boast multi-functional designs that allow not only for the basic operation of your video wall, but video switching, signal conversion, scaling, and deinterlacing. Whereas in the past multiple devices were required to accomplish each of these tasks, this newfound functional flexibility eliminates the need to seek out additional solutions, resulting in reduced costs and complexity.

Meanwhile, boards that feature both inputs and outputs make life even easier. Traditionally the alternative, installing at least one board for each functionality, forces personnel into dealing with extra hardware that is unnecessary and takes up an increasing amount of a system’s ever-valuable slots. Instead, slots can be converted into additional outputs, thereby increasing the size of a given installation and making for increasingly efficient configurations, with a greater number of high definition video feeds to be displayed leading to more locations under surveillance at once.”

“Cost-effectiveness, reliability, image quality, product life cycles and power consumption all come into play when outfitting a command centre. However, one constant would be the very real need in this day and age to deploy multi-display graphics hardware for the purposes of viewing grid overviews, various camera feeds and alarms all at once, leading to improved efficiency and operator response time.”

Read the complete Matrox video wall controller feature (PDF)

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