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By Hilbert Hagedoorn - www.guru3d.com
April 26, 2008

"Exactly two years ago we reviewed the analog (VGA) Matrox Triplehead to go. And although a little rough around the edges when it came to graphics card support, times have changed for the better. In fact last year they released a digital (DVI interface) version of the product and we figured it was about time to check out how this small box of magic has developed, and we where pleasantly surprised I might add."

"However there are games that do not support it, and for that Matrox developed their This is where Matrox will help you out with their Surround gaming Utility (SGU)."

"When a configuration or .ini file physically needs to be changed for a game you simply start up the SGU. This little utility will scan for installed and supported games. Now you select the game versus the resolution you want to play your game in, hit apply and the application will make the necessary modification for you. It's literally 3 seconds work and works really well."

"This is why Matrox introduced their Bezel management software, it actually makes for a more realistic gaming experience because objects and scenery don't look impractical when spread across two or three of the screens. This software will allow you to calibrate the screens by slicing away and moving some of the content, so the TripleHead2Go is simply hiding the pixels behind the bezels, it works pretty well."

"S.t.a.l.k.e.r. - it works straight out of the box, in-game just set 3840x1024 and you are good to go. [...], it just looks incredible in gaming mode. And for the sake of it, let's just imagine that the small monitor has an equal size compared to the others okay? The look and feel is just amazing, there's just so much to look at, you turn your head here and there and your brain has a lot of new info to cope with."

"Gaming with so much surrounding information is a completely difference experience opposed to what you are used to."

" Medal of honor, Allied Assault. What a game. here the introduction started, look at that .. amazing."

"Once properly setup, gaming is incredible immersive this way."

"None the less if you do have 12x10 monitors hey .. you are in luck as the gaming experience is just incredible immersive and impressive. Not even a 30" Dell can get you the feel that surround gaming gives you with an additional monitor left and right from you, the Matrox TripleHead2Go is a truly unique product to say the least, I still don't get it that in 2008 graphics card vendors have not picked up on this."

"But 1:1 gaming wise .. the three screens definitely give a better feel in gaming, thanks to the surround display experience."

"The Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital comes with an advertised 329 USD pricetag, but for the enthusiast end-user that is willing to spend that kind of cash it's likely worth the experience. If you have three 1280x1024 monitors available to you, this could be a worthwhile investment and a way to extend your monitor desktop. I guarantee that after you use multiple monitors for a very short time, you will feel depressed when you are looking at just one. It is remarkable how quickly you get used to that large desktop."

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