www.game-over.com Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition
By Lawrence Wong - www.game-over.com
April 21, 2008

"For productivity tasks, the TripleHead2Go adds one more pane of information. We were able to keep SlingPlayer on one monitor showing television while working on the central display and then keep Outlook on a third without any issues. Is it more efficient to use three displays instead of two or one? We're of the opinion that multiple displays are always better than one simply because there are times when you have to reference a spreadsheet or document and having it on another screen can alleviate the need to switch through the many windows on your desktop."

"For strategy titles, Surround Gaming increases your screen real estate enabling you to see more without having to scroll around. This will let you avoid those crucial skirmishes on the edge of the map by your scouting parties. For flight simulators and first person shooters, the TripleHead2Go increases your peripheral vision giving you a slight sensory advantage."

"We would have to say with strategy titles and flight simulators, there is a tactical advantage in seeing more and being able to process more information."

"Surround Gaming is an interesting concept that should be experienced at least once."

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