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AV Magazine
By Clive Couldwell
Aug/Sept 2016 issue

AV Magazine

“[KVM extenders] offer several benefits including equipment security, centralization of assets, ease of maintenance, or simply to improve work conditions,” says Caroline Injoyan, business development manager at Matrox Graphics.

“Switching is important when you want to build redundancy into your installations. If one critical system fails you want to quickly be able to switch to your back up system and resume operation, but not all KVM installations require switching.”

“There is a lack of standardization in the market. This gives you limited scalability and pushes the cost up. The future is IP and networked-based KVM solutions where standard gigabit network switches will replace proprietary KVM Switches, thus improving interoperability and lowering the total cost of ownership. This will also drive standardization.”

“IP-based solutions offer new capabilities, but there is a learning curve. AV installers will need to acquire the knowledge base to effectively deploy networked KVM solutions. It’s important to properly assess requirements to determine which KVM product to select.”

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KVM Extenders Facilitate Post Workflows

By Matrox Graphics
September 2013 Issue


"IT and AV integrators have many reasons for wanting to keep computer systems away from user environments. Needs to shore up equipment security, centralise assets, enable easier system maintenance, or simply improve employee work conditions all come into play. As a result, KVM extenders have become key components in broadcast and post-production facilities helping to increase workspace while reducing noise and heat emissions in the work environment."

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High-Performance Visualisation

Oilfield Technology
By Matrox Graphics
December 2012 Issue

Installation Europe

“Imagine running a windowed application for many-to-many communications while running a separate windowed application to see the streaming content being manipulated by a colleague in a different city. Though it could be construed as overly optimistic to hope for no latency issues in such a rich and dynamic context, the configuration is already possible today and group discussion among many experts is definitely already enhanced.”

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Simulation Training Solutions Spanning Multiple Displays and Technologies

By Matrox Graphics
December 2011 Issue

Military Technology Logo

"When conducting simulations, another critical piece to the puzzle is KVM extension technology. Extenders constructively reduce risks of overheating and excess noise. Multi-display setups enabled by triple-display adapters and connected to a Matrox Avio KVM extender—all from a single system—afford training officers the opportunity to evaluate students one-on-one remotely, up to two kilometers apart, communicate via headset, and even take over the controls at any time, if need be.

In relation to productive group training exercises, video wall controllers can work in conjunction with both KVM extenders and multi-display adapters. One system should serve as the video wall controller, powered by solutions like Mura MPX Series single-slot, input/output boards, while additional systems can connect to KVM extenders to increase the operational range between each remote, multi-display station and its host system. The end result is a truly collaborative and immersive training environment that emphasizes efficient training practices above all else. Here, the extenders transmit uncompressed digital video in real time from a given multi-display setup for the unhindered evaluation of each student’s performance in high-pressure situations. The video wall meanwhile provides the teacher with a big screen on which to easily assess the performance of each trainee."

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