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Maevex Industry Recognition

Matrox Maevex 6120 Named Best of Show Winner at InfoComm 2019
AV Technology
By AVNetwork Staff (AVTechnology)  
June 2019

Matrox Maevex 6120 dual 4K enterprise encoders were named “Best of Show” winner by AV Technology at InfoComm 2019.  

“Once again, InfoComm brought forth a cascade of ingenuity, and this exuberance for innovation was readily apparent in the breadth of our field of awards entries,” said Matt Pruznick, editor at AV Technology. “With so many outstanding contenders, the process of narrowing down the list to this select group of winners was a painstaking endeavor. It is with the utmost pride that I congratulate the 2019 recipients of the AV Technology’s Best of Show Awards—your products are a shining example of excellence in the industry.”

Read the full Matrox press release here

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Announcing the 2019 DIGI Award Winners
Digital Signage Magazine (DSM)
By DSM Staff
December 2018

Maevex 6120 DSM Digi Award Winner

Digital Signage Magazine has selected the Matrox Maevex 6120 dual 4K enterprise encoder as the “Best Digital Signage Product: 4K Routing Device” in their annual 2019 DIGI Awards. Maevex 6120 was chosen by a panel of highly regarded digital signage-focused integrators, consultants, and end users.

“In a year marked by industry highs, including predictions that our sector will show year-on-year growth for the foreseeable future, it was heartening to receive so many entries that reflect a thriving category driven by innovation and an eye toward setting the bar higher for digital signage integration across several markets. Discussion among our committee of experts in choosing winners was thoughtful and reflective, with a focus on rewarding boundary-pushing and category-defining products and applications.”

“Maevex 6120 delivers simultaneous dual 4K capture, stream, and record—with options to stream and record even more channels in different configurations—all on a standard one Gigabit Ethernet network. Maevex 6120 features encoding capabilities that can deliver content to on-premises endpoints, to the cloud and internet services, and also record for later editing and viewing—all concurrently. For digital signage, Maevex 6120 presents an opportunity to stream multiple 4K content to many on-site and/or multi-site endpoints from a single, standalone appliance, to showcase various compelling and eye-catching feeds for maximum customer engagement.”

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Innovative Product Awards 2018
Sound & Video Contractor
By Cynthia Wisehart
December 2018

Maevex 6120 Innovative Product Award Winner

Sound and Video Contractor recognized the Matrox Maevex 6120 dual 4K enterprise encoder  in its 8th annual Innovative Product Awards. Sound and Video Contractor’s year-end recap acknowledges both electronic and mechanical innovations and most of all celebrates the engineering and engineers behind each of these products.

Matrox Maevex 6120 is the dual 4K version of the award-winning Maevex 6150 quad 4K encoder, featuring the same capture and real-time encoding technology. The new 6120 delivers simultaneous dual 4K capture, stream, and record—with options to stream and record even more channels in different configurations—all on a standard one Gigabit Ethernet network. The powerful standalone appliance is ideal for a variety of streaming and recording applications in corporate, education, digital signage, military, government, control rooms, and more.

Read the full Matrox press release

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2018 Products of the Year: Innovations Making Integrators’ Jobs Easier
Systems Contractor News
By Megan A. Dutta
October 2018

Maevex 6120 SCN Product of the Year

The Matrox Maevex 6120 has been awarded a 2018 Product of the Year by Systems Contractor News. Maevex 6120 features simultaneous dual 4K capture, stream, and record—with options to stream and record even more channels in different configurations.

“2018 has been referred to by many as a transitional year in AV. The industry is busy planning away for some major technology changes—5G, 10K, and the rise of artificial intelligence. In the midst of all these upgrades, manufacturers have still managed to come out with substantial new innovations to make integrators’ lives easier. SCN’s 2018 Products of the Year celebrates those innovations.”

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Matrox Maevex 6120 Dual 4K Enterprise Encoder Wins Best of Show at InfoComm 2018
Sound & Video Contractor
By SVC Staff
June 2018

Maevex Best of Show Award Winner

The Matrox Maevex 6120 enterprise encoder appliance was one of three Matrox Graphics products that received an award for AV excellence at InfoComm 2018. Along with Matrox Mura IPX 4K video wall capture cards, Maevex 6120 captured “Best of Show” honors, meanwhile Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders collected a “Best Electronics Systems Technologies” (BEST) prize.

Maevex 6120 is being recognized for its ability to deliver simultaneous dual 4K input capture, stream, and record—with options to stream and record even more channels in different configurations. Among the criteria for the award were innovation, performance against category standard, richness/relevance of feature set, ease of installation/maintenance, network friendliness, and value/ROI.

Read the full Matrox press release

Best of NAB Winners Announced
Sound & Video Contractor
By SVC Staff
April 2018

Maevex Best of Show Award Winner

Matrox Graphics has won the NewBay Best of Show Award for its Maevex 6150 quad 4K enterprise encoder appliance at the 2018 NAB Show. Sound & Video Contractor chose the platform for its ability to simultaneously capture, stream and record up to four 4K inputs from a single appliance.

Paul McLane, NewBay’s managing director, content, said: “The NewBay Best of Show Awards program seeks to shine a spotlight on relevant innovations in technology as seen around the million-square-foot exhibit floor of the industry’s top trade show. The 2018 winners and nominees give real insight into where and how rapidly our media tech businesses are evolving.”

Read the full Matrox press release

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These 24 New Commercial Technology Products Won TNT Awards (and You Can See Them at ISE 2018)
Commercial Integrator
By CI Staff
January 2018

Maevex 6150 TNT Award Winner 2018

Having been judged based on itsthe Matrox Maevex 6150 quad 4K enterprise encoder has been selected to receive one of Commercial Integrator’s Top New Technology (TNT) Awards.

“Integrators from all around the world today operate diverse companies that cover both the residential and commercial markets. The 2018 Top New Technology (TNT) Awards can help integrators filter their product decisions by identifying the best in new technology,” says Jason Knott, chief content officer, EH Media, publisher of Commercial Integrator and sister brand CE Pro.

Read the full Matrox press release

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SVC Announces Readers' Choice for 7th Annual Innovative Product Awards
Sound & Video Contractor
By SVC Staff
December 2017

Maevex 6150 SVC Innovative Product Award Winner

Leading up to Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018, the Matrox Maevex 6150 quad 4K enterprise encoder was named winner of Sound & Video Contractor’s Innovative Product Award.

“Sound & Video Contractor is pleased to announce the winners of the 7th annual Innovative Product Awards. Sound & Video Contractor’s  year-end recap acknowledges both electronic and mechanical innovations and most of all celebrates the engineering and engineers behind each of these products. Readers chose the winners from among submitted products.”

Read the full Matrox press release

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Matrox Returns from InfoComm 2017 with Two Best of Show Awards
AV Technology
By AV Technology Staff
June 2017

Maevex 6150 and Extio 3 Best of Show Award Winners

The Matrox Maevex 6150 quad 4K enterprise encoder was awarded “Best of Show” by AV Technology Magazine. Maevex was praised by the magazine for its array of available encoding options. Judges noted that the appliance was a “solidly built” and “easy-to-use powerhouse encoder.”           

Read the full Matrox press release

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Interview: David Chiappini of Matrox on the transition to AVoIP

Installation Magazine
By Installation Magazine
June 2017


“If I want to consume data on a screen, on a tablet, on a phone; if I want to record it for later use, or I want to distribute it to 10,000 people who are in different countries – there’s no limitation to what you can do. All those things are driving the need for AV over IP.

Surprisingly, perhaps, you don’t really need a lot of new technology. H.264 is supported in almost everything. There’s a refrigerator at my local furniture store that supports H.264 streaming. It’s everywhere […] the big installed base, the one that makes it easiest to reach the largest number of people with the smallest equipment footprint, is still H.264-based.”

“Building products that are based on open standards and that are interoperable allows the user to protect themselves. For example: if Matrox went out of business, or you didn’t like Matrox products, you already have an installed base – so you can keep it and add on someone else’s products. You wouldn’t need to get rid of all that equipment and install something new.”

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InfoComm Q&A: Matrox Touts Extio 3 KVM over IP, Maevex 6150 4K Encoder

Commercial Integrator
By Commercial Integrator Staff
June 2017

Commercial Integrator

“4K streaming does not require infrastructure upgrades—even the highest fidelity 4:4:4 4K can be offered at 30 Mbps for any application. Matrox is now offering best of breed AV-over-IP, best of breed IP video wall processors and multiviewers, best of breed KVM extension, and best of breed enterprise encoding.

“When you think of AV-over-IP, think about what you want from any other IP application: scalability, speed, and interoperability. Today, it is possible to do any resolution—including 4K—and any quality level at extremely low bit rates, such as 30 Mbps. Today, it is possible to do sub-50 millisecond latency with 30 Mbps AV-over-IP solutions. Today, open standards like H.264 are critical; proprietary AV boxes and consortiums based on proprietary technologies create unnecessary lock-in and cannot scale into the future…and the market knows that.”

Read the complete article

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NH Milan Congress Center: distribution AV-over-IP on 5 thousand m2, 3 floors for 30 meeting rooms

Integrated Systems
Of Integrated Systems
April 2016

Sistemi Integrati

“...the AV one, on the other hand, has been developed with Matrox Maevex 5100 Series in AV-over-IP. With this solution, we have enormously simplified the technological structure.”

“In total, there are almost 400 PoE network points dedicated to AV. The bottleneck of this type of network may consist of the switch-network point copper section; however, with a gigabit level network, this problem does not arise, thanks to the Matrox Maevex encoders/decoders that can vary the bit rate and resolution of the video signals. This is also one of the reasons why we chose Matrox; the bandwidth occupied by the HD video flow varies from 10 to 15 Mbps for each room; when all rooms are in use, the dedicated network is only occupied for 150 Mbps.”

“Personally, I was impressed by the performance of the Maevex encoders/decoders, which in practice confirmed what was written on the datasheets. This is not a common thing; in brochures, performance levels are often said to differ when tested. Without the support of Matrox, I do not believe we would have opted for the AV-over-IP solution; consistency of performance has been proven".

Read the complete article in Italian

Striking the right balance

Installation Magazine
By Myles Carter
February 2017


“As certain uncompressed and lightly compressed technologies understandably cannot break the reach barrier, there are some combinations of resolution, quality, low latency, and processing performance that simply favour uncompressed core technologies. Similarly there are a few use cases where light compression technologies offer greater ‘reach’ than pure uncompressed video.”

“H.264 is excellent for mitigating heavy transmission bitrates for audio-video sources while still preserving overall quality. The simple fact that H.264 is mature and is widely available on all popular browsers, computers and handheld devices makes it the de-facto ‘maximum reach’ solution in the market.”

“More content has been developed and archived using this codec than anything before it in computing history.”

“In terms of striking the best balance between getting signals to eyes and representing top quality, H.264 and its high-efficiency compression technologies in general are not only strong contenders, but are the de-facto standard for AV-over-IP transmission.”

Read the complete article

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Q&A: Matrox Discusses Driving, Moving, and Streaming 4K

Commercial Integrator
By Commercial Integrator Staff
June 27, 2016

Commercial Integrator

“In the 4K market (Ultra-UD, Digital Cinema, or 2160p), real-time encoding that can support full 4K (4:4:4 60Hz) at low bit rates, H.264 for example, is available right from the beginning of the shift to this new standard. And so are a brand new universe of products that can transmit, extend, switch, receive, mix, and display in the classic AV way of doing things.”

“One issue I can see is that AV-over-IP AV companies are going to need to learn to differentiate between proprietary AV-over-IP solutions and non-proprietary AV-over-IP solutions. […] There is a compelling case for non-proprietary solutions given that 4K, low-bitrate, high-quality (4:4:4) full refresh rate (60Hz) real-time encoders already exist, and produce general-purpose streams with massive interoperability using the most widely deployed codec standard in the world, H.264.”

“Matrox is involved in these topics through products that drive 4K content, and facilitate 4K AV-over-IP. From capture, encoding, streaming, recording, switching, managing, decoding, displaying, and video processing, Matrox products are capable of doing 4K at 60Hz at full 4:4:4 color depth in ultra-low latency and ultra-low bit rate.”

Read the Entire Commercial Integrator Interview

Sound & Video Contractor Awards Matrox C-Series as an InfoComm 2016 Best of Show Award Winner

Sound & Video Contractor
By Sound & Video Contractor Staff
June 10, 2016

Sound & Video Contractor Awards Winner

Sound & Video Contractor selected Matrox Maevex 6100 real-time 4K encoders as a best of show winner at InfoComm 2016. A panel of on-site AV professionals judged new and outstanding products exhibited at InfoComm 2016 on their ability to solve meaningful problems for tech managers.

Read the “Matrox Wins Four Prestigious Industry Awards at InfoComm 2016” press release.

The Modern Agora

Sound & Video Contractor
By Cynthia Wisehart
May 2016

Sound & Video Contractor logo

When Australia’s University of Technology Sydney (UTS) set about building the largest teaching laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere, providing individualized lecture AV to 220 students was one of their biggest concerns.

“If we hadn’t found Maevex we would have had to go point to point,” says UTS AV project manager Rob Hardy, “When we first started investigating solutions for this lab it was going to be prohibitively expensive with 220 decoding positions.”

Encoding and streaming at 12 individual teaching positions, each Matrox Maevex encoder can stream across the network to any of the 220 HP all-in-one touch screen computers at each student station. Working with the ubiquitous H.264 standard, the Maevex was able to be decoded by VLC software on the student PCs.

“Maevex can stream to an unlimited number of endpoint locations,” explains Matrox’s Mark Bush. “Because we’re using an open standard you can set an IP address, use VLC, and decode in software using the [GPU of the] PC. Pretty much any modern PC can decode at high quality.”

Learn more about how else UTS integrated Maevex into their Super Lab AV in “The Modern Agora”

Seeing Things Differently

Thinking Highways
By Kevin Borras
April 2016

Thinking Highways logo

Thinking Highways editor Kevin Borras sought out the experience and opinions of AV industry veterans to answer some retrospective questions regarding the current state of AV in the control room. Alongside his industry peers, Samuel Recine, Matrox Graphics Director of Sales—Americas and Asia Pacific, was asked to provide his unique insight into how he sees AV featuring in traffic control rooms both now and into the future.

“Literally all frontiers of video-on-IP have been breached now. Video has comfortably joined data and communications in the control room, the ability to retrieve and view data-driven content and camera content and to ‘link’ them is helping to enhance decision-making and traffic optimization considerably.”

“We ‘record’ everything now including vast volumes of camera and operator workstation (graphics) which gives us tools to think ahead for future disasters, plan better for them, and train people.”

“The more information you have intelligently archived (including cameras and operator graphics) the better; this can lead to better games and simulations and ultimately better data driven modeling.”

Read “Seeing Things Differently” in the April Edition of Thinking Highways

Multiplying Tricaster Inputs with Maevex

By Ned Soseman
January 4, 2016

NewTek logo

Find out about Matrox Maevex H.264 encoders and decoders' comprehensive feature set through engineer Ned Soseman, who has deployed the AV-over-IP devices on numerous occasions, including with NewTek’s TriCaster multi-camera production and media publishing solution.

Maevex is a great way to enhance Tricaster’s production value by expanding its physical input limitations and creating private IP streams, says Soseman, who outlined a variety of useful functions, including cross-conversion.

“Say for example your TriCaster session is set to 720p or 1080i and you want to use the native 1080p live video or video playback from an iPhone 6. The decoder has a setting to do that…” with PowerStream software providing “access to virtually all adjustable settings of systems on the network.”

Additional Maevex features of the combo covered by Soseman include the ability to define already low bitrates, favor image quality or speed, change the GOP length, and scale or crop content to fit any display, with a wide variety of resolutions up to 1920x1080p60 and 1920x1200 supported.

Read how else Soseman took advantage of Maevex in “Multiplying Tricaster Inputs with Maevex.”

Passion, Planning, and Duct Tape

The Broadcast Bridge
By Ned Soseman
December 1, 2015

The Broadcast Bridge

“I recently engineered and directed live 3-hour broadcast coverage of the Offshore Powerboat Association World Championships in Englewood FL… Over the course of three days of racing, streaming, and broadcasting, the Wi-Fi radios and Matrox Maevex encoders and decoders didn’t miss a frame. Ubiquiti statistics indicated we lost a grand total of one packet, on one night.”

“Another pleasant surprise was learning that the Matrox Maevex units not only encoded and decoded an IP stream, but could also transcode… With a couple of changed settings, the Maevex system readily transcoded 1080p Apple iPhone HDMI output to 720p without missing a frame.”

Read the “Passion, Planning, and Duct Tape” story on The Broadcast Bridge.

How AV Manufacturers are Bundling Products for the Hospitality Market

System Contractor News
By Matt Pruznick
August 7, 2015

SCN Logo

"People tune out when looking at looping content, but they keep looking at news, sports, and other live content."

"The ability to hybridize live-streaming content over IP with content being rendered locally from the digital signage player PC has been demonstrated to keep eyes trained on digital signage displays or display arrays."

“For video-on-demand in hospitality, the recently announced Matrox Mura IPX 4K capture and IP encode/decode boards [can] take advantage of high pixel density displays and provide beautiful content that doesn’t feel like it’s being streamed at all.”

"Customers are best served when [we combine] the right products. [Scala recently validated] Maevex H.264 encoders to stream live content over IP to Scala digital signage players. Panasonic, [as well,] featured live demonstrations of the new Panasonic AW-HE130 PTZ camera feeding high-quality IP streams to Matrox H.264 decoders at InfoComm."

Read the System Contractor News Hospitality Industry Guide Here.

Adventures in Broadcasting

The Broadcast Bridge
By Ned Soseman
July 6, 2015

The Broadcast Bridge

Find out how Matrox Maevex H.264 encoders & decoders proved the perfect fit to encode and then help transport multiple high-quality camera signals wirelessly across up to two miles at Lake Race 2015 on a limited budget.

A behind-the-scenes look at the broadcast of a live sports event, engineer Ned Soseman’s frantic dash to resolve last-minute technical difficulties before the start of the race offers a few laughs and an almost-zen-like approach to anything that could go wrong, going wrong. Pulling it all off successfully meant relying on several new technologies, including Maevex.

“Digital artifacts or dropped frames broadcast during our two, three-hour live broadcasts were rare […] It was truly amazing and fulfilled our requirements. We could afford it, and it was close enough to real time to get the camera operators and studio back in sync.”

Read the “Adventures in Broadcasting” story on The Broadcast Bridge.

InfoComm 2015: Matrox Maevex & Wowza Streaming Engine for Greater AV-over-IP Flexibility

Matrox’s Ron Berty demonstrates how Matrox Maevex interactivity with Wowza Streaming Engine enables greater AV-over-IP flexibility to both computers and mobile devices. At the show, Maevex H.264 encoders capture and feed a Scala player into the Wowza Streaming Engine, which then transcodes the content for delivery to a wide range of devices including PCs, cameras, laptops, monitoring equipment, as well as phones, tablets or over-the-top (OTT) boxes. Maevex H.264 decoders also work with Wowza Streaming Engine on the delivery end, providing reliable, Blu-ray-quality decode to displays throughout the corporate or educational infrastructure.

Video length: 1min 36s.

NEC Showcase 2015: Matrox Reveals Diverse Offerings for All Things AV

At NEC Showcase Rob Moodey discusses the scope of Matrox Graphics technology used in a trade event—capturing, encoding, scaling, compositing, extending, streaming, recording, decoding, displaying, and controlling content in a variety of AV and desktop settings.

Today’s ‘state of the art’ is linked to the future for Matrox by managing evolution of higher resolution images such as UHD and the transition to an IP based future.

Video length: 2min 37s.

Signage On An Airport’s VLAN

IT/AV Report
By David Cann
Spring 2015

Government Video

“…we decided to use Maevex gear that, through our testing, has proven to have an excellent build quality. At [Fort McMurray Airport], many of the screen locations are extremely difficult to access, some requiring scaffolding and the closure of escalators in an active airport, so a reliable platform was a must.”

“Our physical distance from the site means that service calls must be handled through contractors, and that requires more remote management and monitoring. The Matrox PowerStream software allows us to dedicate a computer to monitor the Maevex units: We can see their encoding and decoding progress in real time and glean with a high degree of confidence whether the screens are actively showing the advertising assigned to them. With the recent addition of screenshot gathering capabilities, the remote management functions of the Maevex platform have become even more beneficial from a reliability and, ultimately, a cost standpoint.

Read the complete case study in the Spring 2015 issue of AV/IT Report.

DSE 2015: Matrox Demonstrates Maevex H.264 Encoder and Decoder for Streaming DS Video

rAVe Publications
By rAVe Publications
March 13, 2015

rAVe Publications

DSE 2015: Matrox Maevex AV-over-IP H.264 Encoders & Decoders

Matrox’s Ron Berty presents Matrox Maevex H.264 encoders & decoders to rAVe Publications at Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2015. At the show, A/V system integrators discovered how they can now use Maevex encoders to stream low-bandwidth, exceptional-quality Full HD 1080p60 video and audio over a standard IP network to end-point Scala digital signage players. The ability to cost-effectively incorporate live Maevex streams within the Scala software, which can be treated like any other content, allows integrators to build even more attention-grabbing platforms and attract more eyes to the surrounding messaging and branding.

Video length: 1min 16s.

Integrators Discuss Growth In AV As A Network Appliance

AV Technology
By Jim Beaugez
February 10, 2015

AV Technology

“The new and cost-reduced advantages of AV over IP allow multiple signals to travel on the same wire and anywhere over the network,” said Ron Berty, business development manager at Matrox Graphics, “addressing the classic costs and limitations of the typical baseband matrix switch type of setup. Additionally, it allows for easy and more simplified expansion, recording, storage and access to the AV signals and content.”

Read the “Integrators Discuss Growth In AV As A Network Appliance” editorial on AV Technology.

Q&A: Matrox Graphics’ Ron Berty on Signal Distribution Options

Commercial Integrator
By CI Staff
December 4, 2014

Commercial Integrator

Maevex allows integrators to distribute exceptional, near- Blu-ray-quality content over standard IP networks, but at low bandwidth and cost. Maevex encoders use the H.264 video compression standard to deliver up-to-1080p60 video and audio to multiple displays via Maevex decoders or optional software decode for added flexibility.

Maevex PowerStream network management software also comes included, letting administrators easily stream, record to NAS, and switch between content from one or more central locations with a wide variety of user-definable stream parameters.

For example, the low, default 15Mbps bit rate can be adjusted within a range of 100 kbps – 25 Mbps. Allowing integrators and their clients to fine-tune bit rates gives them the power to balance quality and bandwidth usage.

Altogether, Maevex is a complete and cost-effective AV-over-IP solution.”

Read the complete Matrox Q&A on Commercial Integrator.

AV Integrators, Don’t Fear the IT Network

Commercial Integrator
By Ron Berty
December 2, 2014

Commercial Integrator

“One example of an AV over IP encode/decode solution is our Matrox Maevex. Video and audio quality is exceptional, with the ability to distribute up to Full HD 1080p at 60 Hz or 1920 x 1200 with open encoding using the H.264 codec.

As mentioned, one of the biggest concerns regarding AV over IP is going to be bandwidth and Maevex provides excellent quality results with a meager default bit rate of only 15 Mbps. Our product also provides flexibility with the ability to adjust bit rates between 100 Kbps and 25 Mbps, along with many other encode and decode parameters. With the power to balance bandwidth and quality, you can fine tune AV streams according to the needs of your given application and the bandwidth available on the network.”

Read the complete Matrox AV-over-IP editorial.

The Influence of IT on AV: A Tech Manager Primer

AV Technology
By Phil Hippensteel
September 29, 2014

AV Technology

“Notable Leaders in the IT Integration Effort

While there are thousands of products that are incorporating TCP/IP, we’ve singled out a few we think exemplify best practices. We’ll point out the functions the engineers felt were critical to the product’s success in being part of the IT world.

The Matrox Maevex IP encoder/decoder set creates an RTSP/UDP stream. This allows it to include the RTP protocol which carries presentation time stamps and sequence numbers. It also uses the sister protocol to RTP which is RTCP. It allows for the receiver to report on network conditions and loss. Using a well-known protocol like RTSP allows other network devices to be configured to allow or block the video traffic, controlling which users will have access to the video. Maevex will work in conventional VLANs. It can also be configured remotely through a standard browser connection.”

Read “The Influence of IT on AV: A Tech Manager Primer” editorial on AV Technology.

InfoComm 2014 System Contractor Product Awards: And the Winners Are...

System Contractor News
By AV Network Staff
June 18, 2014

SCN Installation Products Award infoComm 2013

NewBay Media presented trophies to the winners of the 2014 System Contractor News Installation Product Awards at InfoComm, with the Matrox Maevex H.264 Encoders and Decoders being recognized with the “Most Innovative Video Processing: Transport” award.

Read the “Matrox Wins 2014 SCN Installation Product Award at InfoComm” press release.

IBC Tech Preview with Rob Moodey, Matrox Graphics Inc.

By ProductionHUB Staff
January 2012


“The Maevex video distribution over IP solution, based on a System on a Chip (SoC), highlights use of an existing LAN for extending the distance between computer and high definition screens without breaking the bandwidth bank. By using the existing network, all classic extender considerations of physical media are sidestepped—range is ‘as far as the network goes’. This represents a reuse of technology—taking a ‘faster than real time’ H.264 encoder from the creative side of the industry and tweaking it to become a streaming codec on the transmission side. The resulting BluRay quality images will make the Digital Signage industry sit up and take note but will also figure on the radars of some others in the more mainstream IBC visitors.”

Read the complete Matrox interview on ProductionHUB.

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