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Matrox Maevex 6120 Wins 2018 SCN Product of the Year

C-Series Industry Recognition

Matrox C900 Wins Technology for Digital Signage

InAVate Awards 2017
By InAVation Magazine
February 7, 2017

DigiAwards 2017 Winner

InAVate Magazine announced the winning entries of their 2017 InAVate Awards at ISE and Matrox C900 was recognized for Technology for Digital Signage.

Read more about why Matrox C900 was selected.

Learn more about Matrox C900.

Matrox C900 Winner of 2017 DIGI Awards Best Video Wall Processing Category

Digital Signage magazine
By David Keene
December 27, 2016

DigiAwards 2017 Winner

Matrox C900 won the best new product award in the Video Wall Processing category of Digital Signage magazine’s 2017 DIGI Awards.

Read more about why the C900 was selected.

Matrox C900 Named SCN Product of the Year for 2016

Systems Contractor News (SCN)
By Matt Pruznick
November 5, 2016


Matrox® Graphics is pleased to announce that the C900 multi-display graphics cards was named as a 2016 “Product of the Year” by SCN. Recognized as an “innovative new offering that helped propel the industry forward this past year,” the C900 is the market’s first single-slot, nine-output graphics card designed to power 3x3 video wall configurations.

Read more about why the C900 was selected.

Matrox C-Series Wins “Digital Signage Product of the Year”

AV Awards 2016
By AV Magazine
September 30, 2016

AV Awards 2016 Winner

The Matrox C-Series™ line of multi-display graphics cards was selected as the “Digital Signage Product of the Year,” in recognition of their outstanding performance and usability in powering video management systems and small-scale display walls. Recognizing and rewarding excellence within the Audio Visual industry, AV Awards select winners who demonstrate evidence of technical innovation, benefits to users, and commercial success.

Read the "Matrox Wins 'Digital Signage Product of the Year' at AV Awards" press release.

Digital Signage Magazine Awards Matrox C-Series as an InfoComm 2016 Best of Show Award Winner

Digital Signage Magazine
By Digital Signage Magazine Staff
June 10, 2016

Digital Signage Magazine Awards Winner

Digital Signage Magazine selected Matrox C-Series multi-display graphics cards as a best of show winner at InfoComm 2016. A panel of on-site AV professionals judged new and outstanding products exhibited at InfoComm 2016 on their ability to solve meaningful problems for tech managers.

Read the “Matrox Wins Four Prestigious Industry Awards at InfoComm 2016” press release.

DSE 2015: Matrox Shows C-Series Quad-Output and Six-Output Video Cards

rAVe Publications
By rAVe Publications
March 12, 2015

rAVe Publications

DSE 2015: Matrox C-Series Graphics Cards for Digital Signage

Matrox’s Caroline Injoyan presents Matrox C-Series multi-display graphics cards to rAVe Publications at Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2015. The Matrox C420 low-profile, quad-output card features passive cooling for extra reliability and silent operation which are critical for small-form-factor systems and digital signage player PCs. The Matrox C680 single-slot, six-output board drives up to six UHD/4K displays and is ideal for higher resolution and higher display density installations and video walls. The bundled PowerDesk desktop management software meanwhile, simplifies multi-display setup while offering advanced features such as EDID management, bezel management, edge overlap, and pivot mode.

Video length: 1min 31s.

AV Technology Honors Matrox C-Series as an ISE 2015 Best of Show Award Winner

AV Technology
By AV Technology Staff
February 17, 2015

Best of Show '15 Presented at ISE 2015

NewBay Media announced Matrox C-Series multi-display graphics cards as a winner of its first annual ISE Best of Show Awards for the brands AV Technology, Residential Systems, and Digital Signage. The Best of Show Awards recognize new and outstanding products exhibited at the recent ISE 2015. The winners were selected by panels of professional users and editors, based on information provided by the nominated companies as well as booth visits during the show.

Read the “Matrox C-Series Honored with AV Technology Best of Show Award” press release.

Matrox adds 2 cards to C-Series

InAVate TV
By InAVate TV Staff
February 16, 2015

InAVate TV

ISE 2015: Matrox C-Series Graphics Cards Featured on InAVate TV

Matrox showcases C-Series graphics cards for the first time at ISE 2015, the world’s biggest AV Show. The C420 low-profile, fanless, quad-output card and C680 single-slot, six-output board deliver smooth video and graphics performance, outstanding reliability, and ease of deployment—critical features for A/V system integrators. Combined with Matrox-renowned stability, usability, and PowerDesk™ desktop management software, Matrox C-Series’ unique feature set are ideal for a wide range of commercial and critical applications including digital signage, control room, security, process control and more.

Video length: 4min 27s.

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ISE 2015 Best of Show – Installation’s award winners

By Paddy Baker
February 13, 2015

Best of Show '15 Installation

Installation announced the winning entries of their ISE 2015 Best of Show Awards and the Matrox C-Series multi-display graphics cards were recognized as one of the award winners.

Read the “Matrox C-Series Best of Show Award at ISE 2015” press release.

5 Affordable Hardware Upgrades for a More Efficient New Year

By Paul Mah
January 29, 2015


“Over the years, both independent research studies and anecdotal feedback from users of multi-monitor systems have shown that multitasking is easier with two or more monitors. While laptops can run multiple monitors as well, it is much easier to set up desktop systems to do it. Indeed, many desktops can probably support at least two monitors without any external upgrades.

Business users who are serious about going multi-monitor will want to take a closer look at the graphics card from Matrox, which comes with powerful desktop management software to tweak your multi-display rig to your satisfaction. The new Matrox C420 graphics card, for instance, can drive up to four DisplayPort monitors at 2560x1600 each, and relies only on passive cooling to cut down on noise.”

Read the C420 product recommendation on CIO.

Commercial Integrator Europe Q&A: Samuel A. Recine, Director Sales Americas & Asia Pacific, Matrox

Commercial Integrator Europe
By David Davies
November 10, 2014

Commercial Integrator Europe

“The introduction of C-Series expands our line of multi-display graphics card to offer our customers outstanding performance and stability, and higher display density solutions. Matrox C420 continues Matrox’ hallmark of having the best quad-monitor graphics add-in board on the market. This is the optimal blend of performance, low-power, and stability. These cards were eagerly anticipated and we’re pleased to start delivering such a high quality product.

Matrox C680 is the big brother of this board. It can handle higher performance levels and it can drive up to six displays or projectors at resolutions of up to 4096 x 2160 per output from a single graphics board. It can power the latest Ultra HD/4K panels as well as enable 12-monitor configurations when combined with a second Matrox C680 board. The user is able to customise their setup with the easy-to-use Matrox PowerDesk multi-display configuration and desktop management software, while cabling is secured with the Mini-DisplayPort connectors. It also supports Microsoft DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.4 to run the latest professional applications.”

Read the full Matrox Q&A on Commercial Integrator Europe.

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