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Extio Industry Recognition

Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM Extender Named Best of Show Winner at InfoComm 2019
AV Technology
By AVNetwork Staff (AVTechnology)  
June 2019

Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders were selected as a “Best of Show” winner by AV Technology at InfoComm 2019.

Unveiled at InfoComm 2019, the new Aggregator Mode takes Extio 3 IP extension and switching capabilities to a different level, as this efficiency-boosting feature enables users to view multiple systems simultaneously across a remote multi-screen desktop, and control them intuitively with a single keyboard and mouse.

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See these AV over IP Products at InfoComm 2019 & Beyond
Commercial IntegratorBy Robert Archer
May 3, 2019

Increased demand & continued adoption drive popularity of AV over IP products. These range from encoders and decoders, to KVM devices and network switches that are specifically designed for networked applications, and Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders were selected as one of the top AV over IP products to see at InfoComm 2019 & beyond.

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Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM Extender Wins Best Electronics Systems Technologies (BEST) Prize at InfoComm 2018
Commercial Integrator
By Commercial Integrator Staff
June 2018

Extio 3 BEST Prize Winner

Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders collected a “Best Electronics Systems Technologies” (BEST) prize in the “Networking & Communications” category from Commercial Integrator at InfoComm 2018.

Extio 3 is being recognized for providing 4Kp60 4:4:4 or quad 1080p60 4:4:4, desktop-quality video at a mere 5% of the bandwidth required by most other products available in the market today. Commercial Integrator highlighted Extio 3’s innovation functionality, competitive advantages, and benefits to the installer as key differentiators.

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InfoComm Best of Show Awards: 2017
Sound & Video Contractor Magazine
By SVC Staff
July 2017

Extio 3 InfoComm Best of Show Winner

The Extio 3 IP KVM extender was named one of InfoComm 2017’s “Best of Show” by Sound & Video Contractor Magazine. The magazine touted the key features of the appliance, including its speed and cost-effectiveness. “Judges were convinced by the hands-on demo, which evidenced no perceivable latency,” the magazine noted.

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Interview: David Chiappini of Matrox on the transition to AVoIP

Installation Magazine
By Installation Magazine
June 2017

Installation Magazine

“If I want to consume data on a screen, on a tablet, on a phone; if I want to record it for later use, or I want to distribute it to 10,000 people who are in different countries – there’s no limitation to what you can do. All those things are driving the need for AV over IP.

Surprisingly, perhaps, you don’t really need a lot of new technology. H.264 is supported in almost everything. There’s a refrigerator at my local furniture store that supports H.264 streaming. It’s everywhere […] the big installed base, the one that makes it easiest to reach the largest number of people with the smallest equipment footprint, is still H.264-based.”

“Building products that are based on open standards and that are interoperable allows the user to protect themselves. For example: if Matrox went out of business, or you didn’t like Matrox products, you already have an installed base – so you can keep it and add on someone else’s products. You wouldn’t need to get rid of all that equipment and install something new.”

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InfoComm Q&A: Matrox Touts Extio 3 KVM over IP, Maevex 6150 4K Encoder

Commercial Integrator
By Commercial Integrator Staff
June 2017

Commercial Integrator

“4K streaming does not require infrastructure upgrades—even the highest fidelity 4:4:4 4K can be offered at 30 Mbps for any application. Matrox is now offering best of breed AV-over-IP, best of breed IP video wall processors and multiviewers, best of breed KVM extension, and best of breed enterprise encoding.

“When you think of AV-over-IP, think about what you want from any other IP application: scalability, speed, and interoperability. Today, it is possible to do any resolution—including 4K—and any quality level at extremely low bit rates, such as 30 Mbps. Today, it is possible to do sub-50 millisecond latency with 30 Mbps AV-over-IP solutions. Today, open standards like H.264 are critical; proprietary AV boxes and consortiums based on proprietary technologies create unnecessary lock-in and cannot scale into the future…and the market knows that.”

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Make sure content is scaled for purpose

AV Magazine
By Clive Couldwell
Aug/Sept 2016 issue

AV Magazine

“[KVM extenders] offer several benefits including equipment security, centralization of assets, ease of maintenance, or simply to improve work conditions,” says Caroline Injoyan, business development manager at Matrox Graphics.

“Switching is important when you want to build redundancy into your installations. If one critical system fails you want to quickly be able to switch to your back up system and resume operation, but not all KVM installations require switching.”

“There is a lack of standardization in the market. This gives you limited scalability and pushes the cost up. The future is IP and networked-based KVM solutions where standard gigabit network switches will replace proprietary KVM Switches, thus improving interoperability and lowering the total cost of ownership. This will also drive standardization.”

“IP-based solutions offer new capabilities, but there is a learning curve. AV installers will need to acquire the knowledge base to effectively deploy networked KVM solutions. It’s important to properly assess requirements to determine which KVM product to select.”

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Remote Control: Managing an Integrated Water Service (Translated from Italian)

Sistemi Integrati
By Sistemi Integrati
November 2015 Issue

Sistemi Integrati

“‘The Fiora aqueduct,’ explains engineer Emiliano Facchielli, ‘is set up to manage the water service for the provinces of Grosseto and Siena. It coordinates the networks and plants that drive the complete water cycle: from abstraction (from spring, well, or sea) to the delivery of water to the people, from the collection of wastewater (in sewers) to the treatment and return of water to the environment. It is a perfectly integrated water cycle. The control room, where we installed the 3x2 Sharp video wall managed by Matrox hardware, allows us to work with a great deal of precision and accuracy. We used to be located at individual workstations scattered throughout the territory, which inevitably limited our ability to react to activities and issues.’“

“The Sharp video wall was created using Matrox Mura technology. Each PN-V601 monitor that makes up the video wall is connected via DVI to the Display Wall Controller based on Matrox Mura MPX cards. The same server is connected by means of dual DVI cables to six workstations serving six operator consoles, which are managed through Matrox Extio F2408 to remotely control up to four Full HD DVI signals, keyboard, USB mouse, and audio over a single fiber-optic cable, with the remaining hardware installed in the server room: an innovative and still fairly uncommon configuration that makes for a particularly simple installation. ‘The installation took two days for the video wall,’ Paolo Del Vita explains, ‘And another four to install the video wall management software and the six control stations, each of which comprise three monitors. The video wall was given a 3x2 layout to duplicate the content of one of the three monitors present at each station. Even so, each operator can take over control and set up the video wall differently when the situation calls for particular sharing requirements.’“

Read the complete article in the November issue (pp. 22-23) of Sistemi Integrati (Italian)

Projectors stitch compelling images

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting
By Kamarul Arifin Bin Abdul Hafiz
November 2015 Issue

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting

“However, with the Matrox PowerDesk Edge Overlap feature that is available on all Matrox M-Series graphics cards, Extio F2208 and F2408 KVM extenders, and Mura MPX display wall controller boards, users can easily and intuitively adjust the number of overlapping pixels between edge-blending projectors to create a unified image.

“These Matrox products can be combined with edge-blending projectors to provide a cost-effective solution for boardrooms, classrooms, digital signage application and presentation environments seeking digital content on up to eight projectors per graphics card in a wide range of configurations.

“Matrox Edge Overlap duplicates the GPU’s output edges, allowing each projector’s output edge to be physically overlapped with that of the adjacent projector. The fine detail of manipulating the number of overlapped vertical and horizontal pixels is managed through Matrox PowerDesk, a multi-display desktop management software available with the display driver.”

Read the complete Asia-Pacific Broadcasting feature (PDF)

More power to the control room

By Modesto Lauro, A2A Reti Elettriche
Plant Services
October 2012

Plant Services

"A2A Reti Elettriche ensures the service of electricity distribution to more than 1 million Italian customers of high-, medium-, and low-voltage users. A2A Reti Elettriche supplies more of 12,000 GWh/year."

"While attending the BIAS automation tradeshow in Milano, Italy, A2A dropped by the Matrox booth (www.matrox.com) for insight on its split-computing technologies and discovered the Extio, a KVM extension solution that drives multiple monitors and user devices at the operator station while being separated by the computer via fiberoptic cable."

"After securing and successfully validating the Extio evaluation unit, we found this solution measured up flawlessly with our control room requirements."

Read how Matrox Extio Gives More Power to the A2A Reti Elettriche Control Room

Virginia County's New Emergency Communications Center Simplifies Operations

By Adam Stone - Emergency Management
September 15, 2009

Emergency Management

At the core of the new solution are Matrox Extio F1400 remote graphics units, which provide as much as 820 feet of fiber-optic cable to separate user devices from the computer. Computers have been relocated away from the operator area to a separate space where they are all within an administrator's easy reach.

By removing PCs from the work area, the system allows IT staff to remediate problems more easily. "The biggest thing from my perspective as a CAD systems manager is not just the fact that you are creating more room," Waller said. "It means that if we have a problem, I don't have to crawl under desks, trace wires and things of that nature."

Remote location of PCs also lets administrators access and maintain these systems without intruding on dispatchers' work environment, a potentially significant benefit in an atmosphere already buzzing with urgent activity.

"We knew from day one it was going to be better," said Roger Waller, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system manager and technology specialist for the Arlington County Office of Emergency Management. "Functionality is much better, reliability is much better, and that makes it a better place to work because everyone feels they can count on their system."

Read Matrox Extio Simplifies Virginia County Emergency Center Operations

Dynamax Delivers
Malls and airports: Dynamax POV, through Clear Channel, seems to be going down a storm in Norway

Digital Display for Retail Magazine
August/September 2009

Digital Display for Retail Magazine

"Because Clear Channel Norway provides turnkey solutions - including hardware, software, copy and creative needed to drive their digital signage, they needed to find a graphics card solution that could power this challenging multi-screen setup. To reduce the number of components for each configuration, Clear Channel Norway decided to use the Matrox quad-analog upgradeable graphics cards (M9120 Plus and P690 Plus). This simplified the installation process for each individual shopping mall, and reduced the number of components required for each multi-display setup ultimately ensuring a smoother rollout."

"Clear channel set up 42 computers throughout Oslo airport, each connected to a Matrox TripleHead2Go Graphics eXpansion Module outputting to three 40" monitors. An external box, the TripleHead2Go was simple to install and allowed the total number of computer systems required for this project to be reduced. On some of the triple screen set-ups, content was designed to stretch across all three screens whilst on others, each screen displays independent content such as local, international, and translated newscasts."

Arlington County, VA 9-1-1Center Meets Workspace, Heat and Noise Level
Objectives with Matrox Extio Remote Graphics Units

By Matrox Graphics – Emergency Communications Professional
January/February 2009

Emergency Communications Professional

Ergonomics and overall comfort for the 30 emergency communications operators in this new facility were among the priorities held by technology specialists at the Arlington County ECC. In order to reduce the amount of heat generated by each CAD system at the operator consoles, and to increase space, a solution that would enable them to completely remove the CAD systems from the control room was sought. Upon learning about the Matrox (Dorval, QC) Extio F1400 remote graphics unit (RGU), tests were performed and it was confirmed that it was the perfect fit. The Extio F1400 could not only power the four monitors, keyboard and mouse needed at each operator console several hundred feet away from the CAD systems, but it could do so with no impact to graphics performance. An operator could work just as seamlessly as though the PC were right under the desk.

The Extio F1400 unit's compact design made it easy to be mounted under the desks, out of the operator's way. These remote graphics made it possible to eliminate a potentially hot, noisy PC, and operates silently itself, featuring no fan or other moving part. This was another key consideration in the selection of this technology. Using standard, multi-mode fiber-optic cabling, the technology specialists were able to securely place all the CAD systems on racks in a dedicated, temperature controlled room down the hall. System administrators now have much easier access when they need to perform system maintenance. They no longer have to disturb the dispatchers' work environment.

Read how Matrox Extio helps Arlington County's Emergency Communications Center

Empowering Multi-Display Technology

By John Taylor
Digital Display for Retail Magazine
December 2008 - January 2009

Digital Display for Retail Magazine

"In our fast-paced world of retail, compelling messages with striking visual clarity to stand out from the crowd are certainly the order of the day. Dynamic retail signage on video monitors, plasma screens, and LCDs are the tools to grab attention, inform and entice audiences. Matrox multi-display graphics solutions [Veos, graphics cards, Graphics eXpansion Modules, and Remote Graphics Units] deliver targeted, noticeable and powerful customer communications in malls and other retail applications that include PoS, kiosks, self-service check-out and more."

Yokogawa Technology Fair & User Conference 2008 Review

By Bill Lydon - Contributing Editor, Automation.com

Interesting Control Industry Products

Remote Displays over Fiber Optic

Matrox displayed the Extio Series of remote graphics units enabling one to power up to 4 displays, 6 USB ports and audio functionality up to 820ft away from the host PC via multi-mode fiber optic cabling.

Read the full review

Control room: Users, designers benefit from remote graphics hardware validation

December 13, 2007

Control Engineering

Remote graphic units (RGUs) enable a control room computer to be located in a secure, temperature-controlled environment while the necessary user peripherals–keyboard, mouse, monitor and speakers–are where they can be most useful in the plant. Matrox Graphics Inc., a manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions, announces that its Extio RGUs have been certified for use with control systems and software from ABB, Emerson Process Management, Foxboro, GE Fanuc, Honeywell, and Wonderware. Matrox hardware is also enabling multi-screen operator stations, which provide greater visual real estate for more information-rich displays.

The Extio unit allows the control systems companies' HMI components to be connected to a host computer up to 820 ft. (250 meters) away via multi-mode fiber-optic cable. Control room operators benefit from increased space at the operator stations, a reduction in heat, and the removal of potentially noisy computers from the control room. IT managers are able to maintain security by moving the critical parts of a computer like the disks, memory, and processors into a separate room.

"Each operator also has the ability to connect up to four monitors to the Extio unit, which is equipped with a Matrox-designed graphics chip that offers unparalleled performance and image quality over a great distance," said Liv Stewart, sales representative for Critical Decision Systems at Matrox Graphics. The multi-display capabilities help increase productivity and reduce errors by allowing more information to be viewed at once, she said.

Read the full review

Matrox Extio - Remote Multi-Display System

By Riyad Emeran - TrustedReviews.com
July 10, 2007


"If ambient noise is a major enemy to your business, the Extio provides the solution. If you want all your PCs in a secure room instead of on your employees' desks, the Extio provides the solution. If you have a floor full of users that need high-end PCs, but don't have the space, the Extio provides the solution."

"With all of the graphic rendering being done by the Extio box, it really does feel as if your keyboard and mouse are connected directly to the PC - in fact if you didn't tell an end user any different, that's exactly what they'd think.

Even if you're not obsessed with data security, the fact that the Extio is a completely silent solution will make it potentially attractive in environments where noise is an issue. Recording studios for example could use high powered PCs without having to put up with the constant drone of cooling fans - an Extio installation would give you all the power of a high-end workstation, while the noisy hardware whirs away in a soundproof room in another part of the building.

Another thing that the Extio has going for it is the fact that Matrox is good at multi-monitor configurations, very good in fact. You can configure the Extio to create four discrete desktops on your four displays, or you can stretch your desktop across them all. I hooked up our Eizo 1,600 x 1,200 displays, creating a total desktop area of 6,400 x 1,200, which is pretty impressive to say the least. But even with the desktop stretched across all the displays, you can apply some pretty neat options via the Matrox tools. For example, if you want to maximise a window, rather than it expanding to the whole, massive desktop area, it will expand to fill a single screen - it's even smart enough to fill the screen that's displaying the most pixels at the time."

"The Matrox Extio is a very targeted product that addresses very specific users. If however you or your company falls into that target area, you'll probably see the Extio as a revelation - a solution to a problem that you thought was insurmountable."

Read the full review

Projections of productivity
An operator's dream: Ergonomics for the control room

By Per Lundmark - ABB Review
First Quarterly Issue - 2007


"The stability, distance—using very little cabling, multi-display support, and image quality provided with Matrox Extio products were key determining factors in our decision to incorporate this technology into the 800xA Extended Operator Workplace. Using a single fiber-optic cable we can now connect up to four monitors, as well as a keyboard and mouse to each certified Operator Workplace computer with perfect quality over a long distance. The unique Matrox Extio feature set has helped us to offer such a comprehensive productivity-enhancing solution to our customers."

Providing workers with the right tools augments their ability to produce efficiently. […] A good tool is defined not only by the scope of its functionality, but also by the ease with which it can be used. The operator needs rapid and intuitive access to relevant information at all times. A delay in obtaining information or a confusing format for its presentation increase the risk of misjudgment and lost production. ABB has taken on this challenge, taking control room ergonomics and interactivity to new heights, permitting operators to interact with all displays presented to them.

The System 800xA Extended Operator Workplace […] builds on ABB's unique System 800xA software and continuing technical progress.

Most [halts in production] can be traced to operators not being able to access vital information sufficiently and quickly. The ABB Extended Operator Workplace, integrated with the Matrox Extio™ remote graphics unit, aids in minimizing production downtime and ensuring high-quality output.

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