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Mura IPX Industry Recognition

Matrox Mura IPX 4K Video Wall Capture Cards Win Best of Show at InfoComm 2018
AV Network
By AV Network Staff
June 2018
Mura IPX Best of Show Award Winner

Matrox Mura IPX 4K video wall capture cards were one of three Matrox Graphics products that received an award for AV excellence at InfoComm 2018. Along with Matrox Maevex 6120 enterprise encoder appliance, Mura IPX captured “Best of Show” honors, meanwhile Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders collected a “Best Electronics Systems Technologies” (BEST) prize.

Mura IPX is being recognized for its ability to capture, encode, stream, record, and decode demanding 4K60 content—including fast-moving video content and high-frequency desktop graphics and text. The video wall capture cards impressed AV Technology’s panel of CTS-certified technology managers and AV/IT engineers with their outstanding achievements in product innovation.

Read the full Matrox press release here

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Editor’s Choice: 12 Hot Products Spotted at InfoComm 2017

Commercial Integrator
By Robert Archer
June 2017

Commercial Integrator

Commercial Integrator announced the Matrox Mura IPX 4K Capture & IP Decode as one of the top twelve hot products spotted at InfoComm 2017.

“The Mura IPX Encode/Decode Card from Matrox supports the building of multiviewers and video walls. Matrox states that the Mura IPX Encode/Decode Card utilizes H.264 it is capable of encoding and decoding a single 8K 30Hz signal, two 4K at 60Hz signals, eight 1080p at 60Hz signals, 16 1080p at 30Hz signals and multiple SD signals. It can also be used with Matrox’s Mura Control software to manage multiviewer systems.”

See the twelve hot products spotted at InfoComm 2017on Commercial Integrator.

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InfoComm Q&A: Matrox Touts Extio 3 KVM over IP, Maevex 6150 4K Encoder

Commercial Integrator
By Commercial Integrator Staff
June 2017

Commercial Integrator

“4K streaming does not require infrastructure upgrades—even the highest fidelity 4:4:4 4K can be offered at 30 Mbps for any application. Matrox is now offering best of breed AV-over-IP, best of breed IP video wall processors and multiviewers, best of breed KVM extension, and best of breed enterprise encoding.

“When you think of AV-over-IP, think about what you want from any other IP application: scalability, speed, and interoperability. Today, it is possible to do any resolution—including 4K—and any quality level at extremely low bit rates, such as 30 Mbps. Today, it is possible to do sub-50 millisecond latency with 30 Mbps AV-over-IP solutions. Today, open standards like H.264 are critical; proprietary AV boxes and consortiums based on proprietary technologies create unnecessary lock-in and cannot scale into the future…and the market knows that.”

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Striking the right balance

Installation Magazine
By Myles Carter
February 2017


“As certain uncompressed and lightly compressed technologies understandably cannot break the reach barrier, there are some combinations of resolution, quality, low latency, and processing performance that simply favour uncompressed core technologies. Similarly there are a few use cases where light compression technologies offer greater ‘reach’ than pure uncompressed video.”

“H.264 is excellent for mitigating heavy transmission bitrates for audio-video sources while still preserving overall quality. The simple fact that H.264 is mature and is widely available on all popular browsers, computers and handheld devices makes it the de-facto ‘maximum reach’ solution in the market.”

“More content has been developed and archived using this codec than anything before it in computing history.”

“In terms of striking the best balance between getting signals to eyes and representing top quality, H.264 and its high-efficiency compression technologies in general are not only strong contenders, but are the de-facto standard for AV-over-IP transmission.”

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Q&A: Matrox Discusses Driving, Moving, and Streaming 4K

Commercial Integrator
By Commercial Integrator Staff
June 27, 2016

Commercial Integrator

“In the 4K market (Ultra-UD, Digital Cinema, or 2160p), real-time encoding that can support full 4K (4:4:4 60Hz) at low bit rates, H.264 for example, is available right from the beginning of the shift to this new standard. And so are a brand new universe of products that can transmit, extend, switch, receive, mix, and display in the classic AV way of doing things.”

“One issue I can see is that AV-over-IP AV companies are going to need to learn to differentiate between proprietary AV-over-IP solutions and non-proprietary AV-over-IP solutions. […] There is a compelling case for non-proprietary solutions given that 4K, low-bitrate, high-quality (4:4:4) full refresh rate (60Hz) real-time encoders already exist, and produce general-purpose streams with massive interoperability using the most widely deployed codec standard in the world, H.264.”

“Matrox is involved in these topics through products that drive 4K content, and facilitate 4K AV-over-IP. From capture, encoding, streaming, recording, switching, managing, decoding, displaying, and video processing, Matrox products are capable of doing 4K at 60Hz at full 4:4:4 color depth in ultra-low latency and ultra-low bit rate.”

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AV Technology Awards Matrox C-Series as an InfoComm 2016 Best of Show Award Winner

AV Technology
By AV Technology Staff
June 10, 2016

AV Technology Awards Winner

AV Technology selected Matrox Mura IPX 4K IP decode & display cards as a best of show winner at InfoComm 2016. A panel of on-site AV professionals judged new and outstanding products exhibited at InfoComm 2016 on their ability to solve meaningful problems for tech managers.

Read the “Matrox Wins Four Prestigious Industry Awards at InfoComm 2016” press release.

Seeing Things Differently

Thinking Highways
By Kevin Borras
April 2016

Thinking Highways

Thinking Highways editor Kevin Borras sought out the experience and opinions of AV industry veterans to answer some retrospective questions regarding the current state of AV in the control room. Alongside his industry peers, Samuel Recine, Matrox Graphics Director of Sales—Americas and Asia Pacific, was asked to provide his unique insight into how he sees AV featuring in traffic control rooms both now and into the future.

“Literally all frontiers of video-on-IP have been breached now. Video has comfortably joined data and communications in the control room, the ability to retrieve and view data-driven content and camera content and to ‘link’ them is helping to enhance decision-making and traffic optimization considerably.”

“We ‘record’ everything now including vast volumes of camera and operator workstation (graphics) which gives us tools to think ahead for future disasters, plan better for them, and train people.”

“The more information you have intelligently archived (including cameras and operator graphics) the better; this can lead to better games and simulations and ultimately better data driven modeling.”

Read “Seeing Things Differently” in the April Edition of Thinking Highways

3 Questions: Matrox Wants You to Think of This and That When Designing 4K Systems

Commercial Integrator
By Tom Leblanc
December 3, 2015

Commercial Integrator

Commercial Integrator interviews David Chiappini, VP of research and development at Matrox Graphics Inc., to discuss key considerations when it comes to 4K distribution decision making. Important concepts include connector types, compression, IP-readiness, scalability, affordability, and more.

Video length: 5min 23s.

Moving 4K signals

InAVate Magazine
By Steve Montgomery
October 2015

InAVate Magazine Logo

“For the majority of applications, in which a little latency can be tolerated, it is not desirable to attempt to distribute 4K in an uncompressed fashion,” says David Chiappini, VP of research and development at Matrox Graphics.

Building a dedicated AV-over-IP infrastructure for uncompressed 4K is equivalent to reproducing a baseband infrastructure with respect to extension and switching, both in terms of cost and lack of interoperability with currently deployed standard networks.

“Compression is able to handle the maximum levels of quality achievable by uncompressed solutions but at a fraction of the bit rate and this opens up applications of 4K distribution to well beyond the traditional hardwired infrastructure.”

Read the complete article in the October 2015 issue of InAVate Magazine (magazine registration required)

Matrox Mura IPX Named One of SCN's "Most Important Products of the Year"

System Contractor News
September 02, 2015

SCN Logo

The Matrox Mura IPX 4K capture and IP encode/decode boards have been named by Systems Contractor News as one of their "Most Important Products of the Year."

Launched in June at InfoComm 2015, the Matrox Mura IPX is designed to work with and enhance the functionality of both the Mura MPX video wall capture and display boards and the Matrox C-Series multi-display graphics cards. Mura IPX packs 4K capture plus high-density encode and decode functionality onto a single PCIe card in order to simplify integration and reduce installation costs.

"Innovation is key to keeping the AV industry strong. And [products are] leading the industry forward."

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Are you sending all the right signals?

AV Magazine
By Paul Bray
August/September 2015

AV Magazine Logo

Samuel Recine, director of sales, Americas and Asia Pacific at Matrox Graphics, contributed to AV Magazine’s signal delivery, switching and processing buyer’s guide in their August/September issue: "It's also possible to optimize for scalability, both many-to-many (many sources to many consumers) and any-to-any (camera, PC, microphone to tv, videowall, phone and tablet). The unequivocal choice here is AV-over-IP.”

“Once the source is an IP stream, it can be cost-effectively extended, switched, over standard IP switches, stored compressed, transmitted by wire or wirelessly (e.g. to smartphones and tablets), and more."

"Think of AV sources as TV channels, the switch as the TV cable box and the remote as the tool to manage the switch; The switch is something that lets you change the channel on the viewing station."

Read the complete buyer's guide on the AV Magazine Website

How AV Manufacturers are Bundling Products for the Hospitality Market

System Contractor News
By Matt Pruznick
August 07, 2015

SCN Logo

"People tune out when looking at looping content, but they keep looking at news, sports, and other live content."

"The ability to hybridize live-streaming content over IP with content being rendered locally from the digital signage player PC has been demonstrated to keep eyes trained on digital signage displays or display arrays."

“For video-on-demand in hospitality, the recently announced Matrox Mura IPX 4K capture and IP encode/decode boards [can] take advantage of high pixel density displays and provide beautiful content that doesn’t feel like it’s being streamed at all.”

"Customers are best served when [we combine] the right products. [Scala recently validated] Maevex H.264 encoders to stream live content over IP to Scala digital signage players. Panasonic, [as well,] featured live demonstrations of the new Panasonic AW-HE130 PTZ camera feeding high-quality IP streams to Matrox H.264 decoders at InfoComm."

Read the System Contractor News Hospitality Industry Guide

The Language of AV/IT is IP: Q&A with Matrox Graphics

InfoComm All Voices
By Nermina Miller
July 28, 2015

InfoComm All Voices: The Language of AV/IT is IP

"The whole story of IT/AV convergence and IT/AV communications is here because IT has been gaining so much in terms of enablement and availability and the ability to have enough horsepower to use it the way it was meant to be used," said David Chiappini, VP of research and development at Matrox Graphics. "And the language of this communication is IP.”

"There are many encoding/decoding techniques, but if I had to pick one, then by far H.264 has made the largest impact. It serves 99% of markets with the highest efficiency. With H.264, I can stream to almost anything. My brother has a car that decodes H.264.”

"Today, chips can encode and stream 4K. So, the world is not going to revolve around entrepreneurial, ad-hoc solutions like it used to. It took 20 years for MPEG 2 to get into full stride. It took 7 years for H.264 to get into full stride. It’s going to take probably 3 to 4 years for H.265 to get into full stride.”

"We already have displays from Dell and LG that are bigger than 4K. So, another big advantage of IP is scalability. The minute I can jump on IT and the minute I can compress the signal to a reasonable amount, I can distribute it to mobile devices, I can record it, I can send it to multiple end points—the amount of flexibility and the options available to me go through the roof."

Read the complete interview on the InfoComm All Voices Blog

Setting the Agenda

By Neil Anderson
July/Aug 2015

InAVate Magazien Matrox AV over IP

“The world is at a point where it is turning the curve toward total AV immersion,” says David Chiappini, VP of research and development at Matrox Graphics.

“[AV over IP] is going to become the basic method of communication for everything going forward; it’s very technical but it allows for such a level of flexibility.

“Because of that, HDBaseT and other methods of distribution to get many screens to many places will all fall short as IP becomes more and more useable. The implementations that companies bring to market along with products becoming more mature and built out will accelerate the proliferation of AV content to everybody. It’s not only going to be Netflix on your iPhone on the train, it’s going to be people working with five others in their team who are geographically spread out and accomplishing the best work they can for their company. Distance learning will increase as well. All of that will begin to permeate everything we do, whether that’s going to be to enhance advertising work or learning productivity—even entertainment will move in this direction.”

“The pervasive trend that we see is that there’s been a drive to have anybody’s content anywhere and available easily for consumption; whether that’s for visualisation, storage, or otherwise.

“That’s what’s really driven our core technology portfolio.”

Read the complete interview in the July/Aug 2015 issue of InAVate Magazine (magazine registration required)

Ten of the most notable product launches at InfoComm 2015

By Paddy Baker
June 24, 2015


Installation announced the Matrox Mura IPX line of 4K capture and IP encode/decode PCI Express boards as one of the top ten most notable product launches at InfoComm 2015. Mura IPX boards are optimally designed to work with Mura MPX videowall capture and display boards or C-Series multi-display graphics cards, and are ideal for applications involving high-density capture, encoding, streaming, recording, decoding, displaying and control.

See the top ten most notable product launches list on Installation.

InfoComm 2015: rAVe Publications Features Matrox Mura IPX Series

At InfoComm 2015, rAVe Publications interviews Matrox’s Fadhl Al-Bayaty on the newly launched Matrox Mura IPX Series 4K capture and IP encode/decode boards featuring high-quality, 4K, H.264 encoding and decoding for flexible multi-stream density at low-bitrate. Mura IPX Series hardware and software allow OEMs and AV system builders to deliver the market’s most advanced capabilities on their network-based video wall controllers.

Video length: 2min 57s.

NEC Showcase 2015: Matrox Reveals Diverse Offerings for All Things AV

At NEC Showcase Rob Moodey discusses the scope of Matrox Graphics technology used in a trade event—capturing, encoding, scaling, compositing, extending, streaming, recording, decoding, displaying, and controlling content in a variety of AV and desktop settings.

Today’s ‘state of the art’ is linked to the future for Matrox by managing evolution of higher resolution images such as UHD and the transition to an IP based future.

Video length: 2min 37s.

AV drills H&S into energy

AV Magazine
By Paul Bray
May 2015

AV Magazine

Rob Moodey, sales account manager at Matrox: “For larger control rooms, the ability to share realtime data, video and other information on a collaborative videowall can help a team of operators make time-critical decisions.”

Operators can view and switch between a variety of direct, local and networked sources, ensuring high-quality text and video scaling across a videowall. AV-over-IP can help capture and stream remote AV sources to the control room and share operator desktops to the videowall.”

Read the complete editorial in the May issue of AV Magazine (PDF)

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