Technoyard The Best PC Tips Ever
Contributions by Todd Haselton, Rich Malloy, Michael A. Prospero,
Joanna Stern, Jeffrey L. Wilson, and Dana Wollman.
March 2008

Matrox being the innovators they are, have yet again produced a product to give a whole new meaning to the multi monitor working environment. It has overcome many drawbacks traditional dual monitor setups face and has offered it in a solution that does not require cumbersome installations.

The DualHead2Go is a well rounded product and does its intended job with no problems at all. If the only reason you're going for one of these units is for gaming, we would first like you to see what the TripleHead2Go offers as it'll better cater to your needs in such a case. For the professional user and occasional gamer, the DualHead2Go will do you justice without a doubt. The features and functionality offered by the PowerDesk software is a great add-on but could improve slightly with more compatibility with wider set of programs out there.

Considering its size, the DualHead2Go will not take much desktop space and it's an ideal solution to laptop users since there's no other solution if you wanted a multi monitor setup. While it's hard for us to say how much of a productivity improvement you will achieve, one thing is for sure, you will get your work done faster and with better efficiency. At a price tag of around AUS$480 this would make an

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