Digital Home Thoughts Making Multiple Monitors a Snap: The Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Edition GXM
By Chris Baxter Digital Home Thoughts
September 18, 2008

"Have you ever seen those movies or TV shows where the main characters inevitably have to go see the IT guy or the neighborhood computer guru and he has a cool setup utilizing multiple displays which he uses to show off his super hacking skills? Have you ever thought it would be neat to run more than one display or would just like to put that old monitor back into use again but don't know how? Well Matrox has the answer for you in the form of their DualHead2Go Digital Edition Graphics Expansion Module.

"After a quick reboot I used the GXM utility to select one of the 1024x768 resolutions and my desktop appeared across both monitors. The way this works is by letting the PC think it is outputting a resolution of 2048x768 to a single monitor; the DualHead2Go Digital Edition then splits that signal into 1024x768 for each monitor yet continues to let the PC think it is dealing with only one display. This allows you to have the look and feel of one large widescreen monitor yet easily lets you maximize windows per one display or the other. You can also maximize a window over both displays. As an example, I could have Outlook up and running all the time on the right hand display while working with Word and other programs in my left hand display so that I always see new email as it comes in. If I want to look at a wide spreadsheet, I just open it up over both displays."

"Now, because my XPS utilizes an NVidia graphics chip, I was able to run the monitors at a higher resolution, specifically 2560x1024. Much better! Being able to run at a higher resolution with the XPS was so much nicer for me."

"If your computer happens to be a laptop or slim profile desktop with no room to add another video card, then I easily recommend the Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Edition, it's easy to setup, it flawlessly renders video across multiple displays, and has a good set of tools to help customize your experience."

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