ECR 2010: Matrox Drives Medical Displays and Imaging Applications

Xenia Series display controller boards paired with wide range of medical displays and imaging applications across the show floor

What's Happening:

Matrox Xenia Series and other Matrox display controller boards designed for medical imaging professionals will drive a wide range of medical displays and imaging applications at the ECR 2010 technical exhibition. With over 18,000 participants expected in Vienna next month, ECR 2010 provides an important stage for demonstrating Xenia Series flexible configuration options and expanded feature set - including forthcoming advanced cloning and replication. We invite European Society of Radiology members and other European Congress of Radiology attendees to consult the Graphics Pulse - ECR 2010 edition, and to visit our partners and ask how their organizations can benefit from Matrox technology paired with their medical imaging solutions.


March 4-8, 2010


ECR 2010
Austria Center Vienna

Featured Partners: EIZO Ext. Expo A, #24
FUJIFILM (Europe) Expo B, #212
IBA Dosimetry Expo C, #332
mediDOK Expo A, #109
MCL Medical Computer Line Expo A, #109
NDS Surgical Imaging Expo B, #208
NEC Display Solutions Expo A, #109
QUBYX Expo C, #332
Rein EDV – MeDiSol Ext. Expo A, #6
Rogan-Delft Expo C, #309
SECTRA Foyer D, #406
TOTOKU Ext. Expo A, #6
WIDE Ext. Expo A, #17
Visit Matrox Xenia News for more information on how Xenia Series is being deployed globally through a wide selection of Matrox medical imaging display partners, integrators and developers.

About Matrox Medical Imaging Solutions

Matrox display controller boards for medical imaging offer a wide range of display output options, resolution capabilities, and features to suit the demanding needs of medical imaging professionals. Matrox Xenia is the first native PCI Express board with all–digital triple-monitor support in a single-slot and the built-in flexibility to drive practically any known medical or non-medical display configuration. Designed for use with a broad range of 8- or 10-bit grayscale and/or color displays in a variety of configurations, Matrox Xenia Pro includes 1,024 MB of on-board RAM, supporting growing image volume requirements and display resolutions from less than 1MP to as high as 8MP. With new technology to ensure optimum calibration (including Matrox DLC™ and 8/10/13-bit gamma tables), plus additional development potential for increasing hardware-accelerated performance via hardware LUTs and multiple hardware window IDs, Xenia is an expandable solution and a solid investment for medical imaging facilities.

About Matrox Graphics Inc.

Matrox Graphics is a leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professional markets. In-house design expertise, top-to-bottom manufacturing, and dedicated customer support make our solutions the premier choice in industries that require stable, high-reliability products. Matrox is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

For more information, visit Matrox Xenia display controller boards or Contact Matrox Graphics.

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