RSNA 2007 - Matrox Graphics solutions for Radiology and Operating Rooms make a lasting impression

Chicago, Illinois, USA — Matrox showcased current, new and upcoming technology at RSNA 2007, including 10-bit display controller boards for radiology, and graphics extension technology for digital ORs.

With an ever-increasing number of 10-bit applications using Matrox technology, radiologists are no longer limited to displaying 256 simultaneous shades of gray. Medical professionals and their patients can now benefit from up to 1024 simultaneous shades of gray on their 10-bit displays, thanks to partners such as Cedara, Merge Healthcare and Fenics who are developing software using Matrox 10-bit technology.

In addition to these 10-bit applications, software from several other partners was also featured in the Matrox booth, including QUBYX KleoDICOM calibration package, Chili Radiology's Chili PACS software, Intelerad's INTELEVIEWER™, Rogan-Delft's Rogan View PACS, and Telemis TM Reception. Matrox solutions were driving medical displays from ChiLin, Eizo, NEC, Planar, Siemens and Totoku in the Matrox booth, as well as other displays on the show floor.

Matrox's digital Operating Room solutions–Equinox and Onyx Series–made their debut as a complete solution at RSNA. Matrox Equinox graphics extension unit connects one or two high resolution displays, keyboard, mouse, and audio to a host PC that is electrically and magnetically isolated up to 820 feet away. Matrox Onyx drives one or two high resolution displays at the host PC location, replicating information on OR displays, and enabling OR staff to plan and monitor surgeries from outside the OR.

Matrox display controller boards for radiology including Matrox MED, RAD, and AuroraVX Series were also found in partner booths throughout McCormick Center, powering medical displays and medical imaging applications.

See below for a glimpse of how Matrox solutions were used at RSNA:

Advanced Imaging Technologies Medlink Imaging, Inc.
Alara, Inc. Merge Healthcare
Carestream Health, Inc. NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.
Cedara Software Planar Systems
CHILI GmbH Quest International, Inc.
Eizo Nanao Technologies, Inc. RADinfo Systems
Evolved Rogan-Delft BV
FIMI Philips S&S X-Ray
Guardian Sectra Imtec AB
iCRco, Inc. Swissray International
IEI Medical Telemis
Konica Minolta Totoku
Linden Group UMG Medical Imaging

Advanced Imaging Technologies, (AIT) demonstrated their ARIA Breast Imaging System, an innovative multi-planar, whole breast ultrasound imaging solution for enhanced imaging of dense breast tissue and image-guided core needle breast biopsy. The resulting images were displayed on Eizo RadiForce displays powered by the Matrox MED2mp display controller board.

Alara, Inc. demonstrated Matrox MED2mp & MED3mp display controller boards on Eizo GS310 & GX220CL displays in their booth at RSNA, running on their CRystalView R200 Computed Radiography system.

Carestream Health (formerly Kodak), demonstrated its Carestream PACS Mammography software with Matrox MED5mp display controller boards and Totoku displays in its booth. Carestream Mammography Solutions are equipped with a full toolset that includes functions specifically designed to optimize the reading and manipulation of mammography images.

Cedara Software showcased several advanced imaging concepts displayed with the Matrox MED Series 10-bit display controller boards. Examples include Advanced Segmentation for lesion contouring where tumor identification in US, CT, MG and MR is greatly simplified, and Mammography Skinline detection for optimal viewing of mammography images and inverse rendering.

CHILI Teleradiology software was paired with Matrox MED3mp display controller boards and Eizo G33N displays. CHILI creates multi-site PACS and Teleradiology solutions with IHE-based workflow and seamless integration with other information systems.

Eizo focused on their RadiForce medical LCD monitors in 5MP, 3MP, 2MP, and 1MP resolutions for Mammography, PACS, MRI, CT, and X-ray imaging. Eizo RadiForce displays are capable of displaying up to 1,024 simultaneous shades of gray and are available bundled with Matrox MED Series 10-bit display controller boards.

Evolved showed its RadWeb multi-modality software paired with Matrox MED3mp boards and Image Systems 3 MP grayscale displays.

FIMI Philips showcased its MML2032 and MML2152 high-brightness displays with Matrox MED3mp and 5mp display controller boards on a system running either Philips iSite or Med.e.Com software. FIMI's medical grade grayscale and colour displays feature extremely high luminance, increased resistance to temperature changes and age deterioration, and are available in a choice of portrait and landscape modes with full image fidelity in well-lit hospital offices as in dark radiology reading rooms.

Guardian Technologies Intl demonstrated its Signature Mapping(TM) application--an advanced computer aided detection tool which incorporates advanced visualization and display capabilities to detect and visualize targeted objects or materials. Signature Mapping(TM) may be applied to image data from any radiographic imaging modality including CT, MRI, ultrasound, and digital radiology.

iCRco, Inc., a California based Computed Radiography manufacturer for Medical and Industrial applications, featured their innovative hardware and software solutions for Image acquisition, processing, presenting, managing and storing. CR images acquired using iCRco products were shown on several stations within their booth using Eizo Radiforce displays coupled with Matrox MED Series boards.

IEI Medical's diagnostic mono/color monitors are designed for use in a wide range of medical applications. At RSNA, IEI highlighted their 3 megapixel monochrome display (MMD-3213M) powered by a Matrox MED Series display controller board.

Konica Minolta presented their digital and traditional diagnostic imaging products for hospitals, imaging centers, clinics, and private practice physicians. Highlighted in their booth was the Regius PureView Digital Mammography system which utilizes the principle of phase contrast mammography (PCM) providing benefits including edge enhancement and high resolution magnification. Resulting images were shown on a Sectra mammography workstation using a Matrox MED Series display controller board.

The Linden Group demonstrated its 3 and 5 MP Optic View monochrome medical displays with Matrox MED3mp and MED5mp display controller boards. Built to support the most demanding PACS and Modality requirements, All of The Linden Group's Optik View medical displays feature industry leading color consistency (color temp +/-200K.) 8-bit to 10-bit conversion algorithm and advance 10-bit dithering technology.

Medlink Imaging, Inc. demonstrated its medical radiography equipment for mammography with Matrox MED5mp boards, Eizo G51CL-P, G33-P and RX210 displays and Cedara I-Read Mammo software.

Merge Healthcare was using Matrox MED and RAD Series display controller boards together with Eizo displays throughout their booth, featuring the Merge Mammo™ mammography workstation application amongst other solutions. As a work-in-progress, Merge Mammo 7.1 includes leading-edge support for Matrox MED Series 10-bit display controller boards.

NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. demonstrated its MultiSync MD Series of displays with Matrox MED3mp display controller boards. In addition, NEC also showed its new 4 MP color display (available in March 2008) with Matrox's latest display controller board, Matrox Onyx Series. NEC's MultiSync displays are medically certified 21.3" grayscale 2 MP and 3 MP displays that feature X-Light technology, allowing for consistent brightness and white point levels throughout the useful life of the monitor.

Planar Systems is a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, offering a comprehensive line of medical displays for use throughout the hospital. Matrox boards are available bundled with a range of Dome diagnostic grayscale and color displays. Among RSNA highlights, Planar featured Cedara I-ReadMammo software running on the Matrox MED5mp 10-bit display controller board paired with Planar 10-bit 5MP displays.

Quest International, the Authorized Master Distributor for Totoku Medical Display Monitors, and Authorized NEC Value-added Reseller, demonstrated its Totoku CCL354i2 3MP and NEC 3MP displays with Matrox MED3mp display controller boards. The Totoku enterprise QA software, PM Medivisor, was demonstrated on a pair of Totoku 3MP monitors driven by the Matrox Aurora VX.

RADinfo Systems focused attention on their affordable film-less healthcare systems including RIS, PACS and Teleradiology. Their Diagnostic View station featured a Matrox MED3mp display controller board connecting Eizo Radiforce displays.

Rogan-Delft demonstrated its Rogan View Pro-X Diagnostic, Orthopaedic, and Mammography workstations using Matrox MED Series boards at RSNA. Rogan-Delft also collaborated with Guardian Technologies to demonstrate detection with visualizations and advanced PACS technologies to enhance diagnostic workflow.

S&S X-Ray, a designer & manufacturer of radiology viewing systems and furniture, demonstrated Matrox MED3mp and MED5mp boards on Eizo GS510CL 5 MP displays.

Sectra is a leading provider of digital solutions for PACS, mammography and orthopedics with more than 950 installations world-wide. One of Sectra's RSNA highlights was their micro-dose full-field digital mammography system, optimized for the challenging requirements of today's breast imaging centers. Their mammography workstation featured Matrox MED5mp paired with Eizo 5-megapixel medical displays.

Swissray demonstrated its Swiss Vision software with Matrox MED3mp and MED5mp display controller boards and Eizo G51 5 MP and GS310 3 MP grayscale displays. Swissray is a leading supplier of direct digital Radiography ddR technology. All of Swissray's DR systems include fully automated, remote controlled system positioning.

Telemis was using Matrox MED5mp display controller boards with their TM Reception PACS software dedicated to breast imaging. Telemis specializes in the filmless management of medical images. Telemis-Medical is a modular and scalable PACS solution that will integrate into your existing healthcare information system. The Telemis product family includes a broad range of integrated clinical solutions such as for Orthopedics, Cardiology and Breast Imaging, meeting the unique requirements and specialized needs of today's physicians.

Totoku ME and CCL Series medical displays were also used with Matrox MED Series boards throughout the show floor. Totoku's LCD displays designed and developed for medical imaging are equipped with a calibration function and a luminance stabilizing system to maintain grayscale characteristics that conform to DICOM GSDF over long periods of time.

UMG Medical Imaging offers a wide variety of products for today's imaging centers, outpatient clinics and private medical practices. Digital solutions include Fuji CR, Konica Minolta CR, UltraRAD web-based PACS and EIZO medical displays. At RSNA, UMG showed UltraRAD PACS running on EIZO medical displays powered by Matrox medical display controller boards.

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