New Matrox Digital Luminance Correction Technology Garners Partner Support

Matrox DLC to be included in QUBYX PerfectLUM for medical imaging display calibration

Montreal, Canada, February 12, 2008—Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of graphics solutions, today announced that software technology developer and partner QUBYX has adapted its PerfectLUM display calibration solutions to take advantage of Matrox DLC, offering users a complete display calibration package, and will be demonstrated live in Vienna, Austria at ECR 2008 in the Matrox Booth # 539, Expo E.

On uncalibrated displays, luminance is uneven from edge-to-edge, and from center to any edge, which could result in discrepancies that affect diagnosis. Matrox's DLC technology unifies the luminance of a display by adjusting the degree of discrepancy from the center to each corner, bringing displays within global industry standards such as DIN, IEC, AAPM and JESRA.

Before Matrox DLC, users could only check discrepancy between the center of a display and its corners to understand the deviation. With Matrox DLC and QUBYX PerfectLUM, users can actually correct these discrepancies, resulting in more uniform luminance across the whole display. Since DICOM calibration is performed on measurements in the centre of the display, Matrox DLC ensures that DICOM measurements and the DLC adjustments reflect DICOM accuracy across the entire display viewing area.

"Display calibration is key in producing accurate images across displays," says Marc Leppla, director of QUBYX. "Matrox's new DLC technology along with our PerfectLUM calibration system will give users a comprehensive solution to achieve accurate and consistent images on their displays."

Matrox's DLC technology allows hospitals to deploy displays and easily adjust for possible inconsistencies in luminance levels. Hospital staff will be able to easily perform the DLC calibration as needed–the entire calibration process takes approximately 90 seconds, from start to finish. Medical display vendors can eliminate the tedious process of matching luminance on each of a pair of displays shipped, and calibration application vendors will be able to offer their customers a more complete display calibration solution, all of which can include luminance correction in addition to gamma correction functions.

"Matrox is dedicated to providing medical imaging professionals and hospital staff with the imaging technologies needed to conduct their work as efficiently and accurately as possible and minimize downtime," says George Rigas, business development manager of medical imaging, Matrox Graphics, Inc. "Our solutions have always targeted in providing benefits and value. Many displays can be luminance corrected in about 90 seconds. Our DLC technology brings displays within global standards, reducing costs associated with having to replace out-of-standard displays unnecessarily. This partnership with QUBYX provides users with a complete calibration package from end to end."


QUBYX is a major technology contributor to the Medical Imaging and Color Management Industries with various professional Calibration and Visualization solutions since 1996. QUBYX develops software solutions that are used in and for computer displays. Our solutions include OSD replacement software, Display Management systems, Color Calibrations products for Photographers and mainly Calibration and Verification software for Medical use. QUBYX has an extended knowledge in digital color technologies. Our knowledge extends to handling, calculating, mapping from different color spaces and creating different versions of ICC profiles like version 2 and 4 with 3 dimensional color space.

These products are mostly sold as OEM solutions to the display manufacturers and integrators. More than just technologies, they receive the highest level of support and service and much more from a business partner who is committed to helping you succeed. With our offices and partners in Europe, USA and Asia, we will always be close to you. For more information on any of our products or about us, please visit

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