Matrox Graphics display controller boards bundled with PACSmate™ medical displays

IEI selects Matrox MED5mp and Onyx boards to drive various panels

Montreal, Canada, March 7, 2008—Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced that IEI is bundling both Matrox MED5mp™ and Onyx™ display controller boards with its PACSmate™ medical displays. This partnership helps to bring pristine image quality, reliability and long life-cycle products to IEI customers. IEI will bundle Matrox boards with the following medical-grade monochrome and color display models: MMD-5201M, MMD-3213M, MMD-2213M, MMD-4300C, MMD-3208C and MMD-3213C.

"Matrox is pleased to partner with IEI who will bring these combined solutions to the marketplace," says George Rigas, business development manager for medical imaging, Matrox Graphics Inc. "Our boards with IEI's PACSmate™ medical displays will provide their customers with pristine image quality for accurate diagnoses."

"IEI is happy to bundle our PACSmate™ displays with Matrox MED5mp and Onyx and display controller boards," says Kenny Jan, research and development manager, medical division, IEI. "Matrox's image quality is renowned and trusted, and we are eager to pair their products with our high-quality medical grade displays."

Matrox MED5mp display controller boards support dual-display resolutions of up to 5 MP each in landscape and portrait modes, bringing advanced functionality and flexibility to the medical imaging market with extensive multi-monitor support, pristine image quality, and robust drivers. Matrox Onyx PCIe, single-slot, fan-less display controller boards support dual independent outputs for digital displays (up to 4 MP each). Matrox Onyx can also be paired with Matrox Equinox graphics extension unit, replicating display information at a distance of up to 250m (820 feet) from the PC.

IEI is one of the few in the industry who is capable of manufacturing diagnostic medical displays and designing the LCD controller chip, which is the most important element of the displays. Perfectly matched with the Matrox Onyx™ display controller board, the PACSmate™ 3MP monochrome display features the simultaneous12-bit grayscale image through the built-in 12-bit look-up-table. All IEI PACSmate™ monitors are integrated with the GeniGuard® backlight stabilizer, automatically adjusting the shift of LCD brightness. In addition, each PACSmate™ monitor is packed with GeniSPOT® 3-in-1 calibration system and GeniPASS® software utility, ensuring the display image conform with AAPM, DIN, JIS and IEC standards all the time.

About IEI Medical

IEI Medical, the medical division of IEI Technology Corp., is a global manufacturer of high-resolution monochrome/ color diagnostic monitors and all-in-one medical panel PC. IEI Medical is committed to providing the health care community with reliable, high-performance and cost-effective products. All IEI medical products are ISO-9001, ISO-14000 and ISO-13485 compliant and are easily applied to a wide range of medical applications. IEI Medical is located in Taiwan and has very experienced R&D, Manufacturing, sales & marketing and customer service teams. Please visit our website for more information:

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